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by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Triple your closet space by keeping organized and creating built-in storage units. Joel Fraley sees it time after time. As a Neil Kelly designer for the past six years, he knows clients never have enough space.

He’s come up with solutions to fit a range of floor plans and budgets. So, make a summer resolution to pick one or two and watch storage dilemmas disappear.

1. Declutter: Clients empty cabinets during kitchen remodels and decide what should go and what should stay. Don’t wait, Fraley said, and take this to every room. Start with two big boxes labeled “give away” and “throw out.” One closet at a time, watch clutter melt away.

2. Multipurpose furniture: Double the function of each item you buy. Does that ottoman lift up for storage? How about coffee tables that pull apart or turning a trunk into a file cabinet?

3. Multipurpose space: Is it time to toss that bulky entertainment center and hang a flat-screen TV? Freed-up space could double as a dining area.

4. Look up: Think shelves, swing-arm lamps and garage ceiling racks. Use wall space instead of cluttering small tables.

5. Put that kitchen to work: Give existing cabinets new function with pullout shelves and lazy Susans. Check storage solution ideas at stores like Lowe’s.

6. Organize closets: Likewise, check out closet solutions. Wonder Hangers, a brand of drop-down clothes hanger that can triple space, is one option. And don’t forget the door hooks.

7. Beautify the bathroom: Grouping items in baskets keeps things organized and easy to find.

8. Hunt for dead space: What’s happening under the stairs or behind the walls? Is it time for built-in shelves or cabinets?

9. Find a niche: Along the same lines, shallow niches built into walls make attractive display cases.

10. Rebuild with what you have: Consider remodeling that grand two-story entryway into a second-floor loft or office. Neil Kelly often helps clients find another 120 feet or so of functional space.

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Neil Kelly is a remodeling, renovations and house design company serving Oregon and Southwest Washington since 1947.

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