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by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: M REALTY  - M Realty Business Development Director Joelle Lewis and founder Garron Selliken stand before M Realtys signature orange M.

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. But present-day Americans can add a third certainty to the list: change. Every business has had to address change this decade and the mantra of the new normal is learning to do more with less.

Garron Selliken is offering home buyers, sellers and real estate agents more for less and a different approach to real estate transactions, through his company M Realty.

Each property listed with the company gets the TrueView treatment. The company’s team of professional photographers and filmmakers collaborate with the agent to create a video presentation that captures the emotional elements of the home, enabling viewers to tour properties shown at their very best.

“For most of us, our homes represent the most substantial purchase we make,” said Selliken. “TrueView honors the human element of that investment by creating marketing with artistic value, inviting buyers to imagine their lives in every home we list.”

Selliken and his wife, Alicia Selliken, founded M Realty in 2007 and last month opened a Lake Oswego branch office.

He has been a licensed Realtor since 2000 but spent the early years of that decade in sales with a computer game business in Seattle. When he decided to go back into real estate full time in 2003, he had a different idea of what he needed to be successful and turned to his software developers to create that tool.

“Remember, this is all pre-website. RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing Service) didn’t have all the bells and whistles,” he said. “You had to download the information to your laptop. I had this idea in my head of how to overlay GIS (geographical information system) software on a map. This was a hugely innovative tool. It allowed me to get complete data and present it to clients.”

Selliken kept improving the HomeQuest mapping software and soon other agents, including long-time Lake Oswego agent Joelle Lewis, subscribed to the service. They found the tool to be more effective and cost-efficient than what they were using through their brokerages and pressed Selliken to open a brokerage, so they could transfer to the new company.

Selliken and his wife then opened M Realty. M Realty’s philosophy is that marketing matters and each property, regardless of value, gets the TrueView treatment; to be the star in a Hollywood-quality motion picture.

Media staff also prepare traditional marketing materials, such as fliers and direct mail pieces and social media presence. Professional staff create the collateral, rather than agents.

Lewis, who serves as the business development director for M Realty, explained that prior to joining the firm she was paying a brokerage fee and then having to hire assistants to produce the marketing collateral she needed. With M Realty she pays the same brokerage fee and the professional marketing support is included.

She will help agents create a business plan that truly works for them, so each can be successful.

“With consistent and professional support, we can help agents expand their business and grow it into something to be proud of,” Lewis said.

“Being a real estate agent isn’t easy,” said Selliken. “Brokerages should work to make agents’ lives improve. Our purpose is to support the agents, surround them with everything they need to succeed. If they feel great, they thrive. It’s hard to be happy when you’re overwhelmed by tasks. We are social creatures — collaboration is just what comes naturally.”

The Lake Oswego office is located at 17040 Pilkington Road, suite 200. Call Lewis for more information at 503-407-8586 or visit

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