Glance opens new kind of eyewear shop in Lake Oswego

by: VERN UYETAKE - Lisa and Bob Martinsson have something new to offer in Lake Oswego with Glance Optics and Eyewear on 220 A Avenue.Lisa Martinsson has an ocean of empathy when it comes to fitting her customers with the right frames at Glance Optics and Eyewear in Lake Oswego.

No one knows better how much the right frames can give a person the right look, helping them go from gawky to groovy. In fact, she takes it very personally.

“I had a painful childhood because I had to wear huge, thick glasses,” Martinsson said. “I was the kind of kid you were grateful you weren’t. I got a degree in art, but I never found the medium I loved until optometry found me. A doctor took a risk by hiring me.”

It wasn’t long before Martinsson had a monumental attack of deja vu that changed her life.

“This girl with too-wide glasses came in,” Martinsson said. “She was me! I zoomed in and grabbed her and looked for something that fit. She was mesmerized by her reflection in the mirror. It was so neat. She couldn’t stop looking. She told her mom, ‘Look, I’m pretty!’ I started bawling right there.”

In fact, Martinsson tears up at the memory of it. Fate had made her the fairy godmother in a Cinderella story. She had found her career, and along with her husband, Bob, she has found a new place to pursue it in Lake Oswego. The couple had their first Glance Optics and Eyewear in Salem for 10 years, and now they think they have just the right place for their second store.

“We love this location,” Bob Martinsson said. “There’s the foot traffic and we have two great neighbors, Tucci and Accessories From the Heart. What we offer is more upper end, exotic and fun. The demographics here fit our inventory. We want to capture a unique market.”

“We don’t want to take away from existing eyewear businesses,” Lisa Martinsson added. “We would like to fill a niche here.”

While Bob Martinsson will manage the business side, Lisa will manage the people side, and her husband has the utmost confidence in her.

“We did very well in Salem for a good reason,” Bob said. “Lisa was the reason because of the relationships she built with customers.”

“We sell self esteem, image and posture,” Lisa Martinsson said. “We consult, teach and educate on what eyewear to wear and what not to wear.”

She does not pussyfoot around when it comes to telling people they don’t have the right frames for their glasses.

“I say, ‘No No No! You don’t want it!’ “ Lisa said. “I don’t want them getting married to the wrong frames.”

Although she can be dogmatic, Lisa Martinsson is also utterly sympathetic.

“I want to build relationships here, not sell a $200 frame one time,” she said. “I want people to come back. I’d rather have a long-term relationship.

“I don’t know many people who enjoy what they do as much as I do. Good eyewear lets a healthy spirit come out to play.”

Bob Martinsson thinks their customers will be the best advertisements for Glance Optics and Eyewear.

“When they walk down the street, I hope other people ask them, ‘Where do you get your glasses?’ “

Glance Optics and Eyewear is located at 220 A Ave. #104. For more information, call 503 344-6621 or go to

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