New king-size vet hospital with many amenities comes to Lake Oswego

by: REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Murray the dog is getting better medical care than ever now that he is a patient of Dr. Kristin Hussey at the new Banfield Pet Hospital in Lake Oswego.It is hard to believe Banfield Pet Hospital the first time you see it. And even then it’s hard to believe.

The new veterinary clinic in Lake Oswego is simply huge. You could fit a half dozen regular-size vet offices in the lobby alone. But the best part of the hospital is behind the scenes. Some parts are simply amazing. Like the feline ward (cats only), which has a machine that emits a special odor that calms cats down.

While the cats are getting calmed down they can watch cat shows on television, like nifty videos of squirrels and birds. That puts a cat in a relaxed frame of mind for any following treatment. The area has its own air circulation system, and then there is Room 5, where cats can roam around and stretch.

“It’s like a cat designed it,” said Dr. Kristin Hussey, lead veterinarian for the Lake Oswego hospital.

The same goes for the dog ward, with dog-friendly TV and other amenities.

Beyond the glitz, however, Banfield Pet Hospital is dedicated to providing the finest care for dogs and cats. There is in-house blood work that provides fast results, a gleaming surgical unit, an X-ray room, pharmacy and top-of-the-line equipment. Amazingly, there is even the Quiet Room, where a pet owner and veterinarian can discuss end-of-life decisions for their dog or cat. Humans should have it so good.

But humans are treated well at Banfield too. There is the “future vet” kids corner that offers tiny white doctor jackets for children to wear while they play with toys and watch TV.

“Pet ownership is at an all-time high, but only one-third of pets get regular care,” said Hussey.

Perhaps the most distinguishing thing about Banfield is that it puts a special emphasis on preventive care for pets — “which differentiates us from other vets.”

Starting with its first clinic in 1955 in Portland, Banfield now has 800 veterinary hospitals across the nation. Its Lake Oswego facility is now its largest hospital.

Hussey brings a hometown touch to the hospital. She graduated from West Linn High School in 1998 (and still roots for the Lions), and she lives in Lake Grove.

“Banfield is very excited to join the Lake Oswego community,” Hussey said. “We look forward to assisting local pet owners in providing quality care for their pets, with a clear focus on preventive medicine.”

She added, “We have room to grow.”

Other members of Banfield’s Lake Oswego staff are Dr. Cheri Boen, Dr. Elly Burnett and Matt Lariviere, practice manager.

Banfield Pet Hospital is located at 131 N. State St. For more information, go to or call 503-635-1240.

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