Jennifer Pahl brings her dream exercise studio to Lake Grove

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Twist Yoga instructor Ali Matt puts three students through a hot workout at the studio on Mercantile Drive. As studio owner Jennifer Pahl says, they Twist like theres no tomorrow.

Clients of Twist Yoga are encouraged to write their ambitions on a blackboard at the Lake Grove studio.

One ambition seems to sum up everything about Twist Yoga: “Twist like there’s no tomorrow.”

It also applies to the studio’s owner, Jennifer Pahl. With Twist Yoga she has developed just the kind of exercise studio she wanted.

“It’s a twist on traditional yoga things using my own ideas,” Pahl said.

One of those ideas is keeping the exercise area quite warm, the better to loosen up tight muscles and eliminate toxic substances from bodies. As Pahl said, “It’s hot yoga.”

Thus she made her own dream come true.

“I was driving all over town looking for a heated yoga studio,” Pahl said. “Finally I thought, ‘Why don’t I open one?’”

At first Pahl hesitated because “I am not a teacher,” and she had only been doing yoga for five years. But she took the plunge by developing a business plan and contacting yoga instructors from across the country for ideas. She hired nine instructors and found the perfect location for her studio in Lake Grove, a mere half mile from her home.

Along with everything, Pahl’s patrons are amazing. LeeAnn Talbott, a busy wife, mother and business woman, breezed in after a strenuous workout and was happy to talk about the joy of Twist Yoga.

“I’ve been doing yoga for five or six years and I’ve been waiting for a studio like this,” she said. “It has amazing teachers, a beautiful studio, it’s awesome. It can give you anything you want, from relaxing to a great workout.”

She added, “Everyone should add yoga to their exercise routine, no matter what it is.”

Pahl agrees. She has been a lifelong exercise aficionado, trying just about every kind of exercise, including running, weights and gym classes. Unfortunately, all that exercise was not making her feel very good.

“I had chronic injuries,” Pahl said. “I found that yoga was something I could do right now and for the rest of my life, instead of being tired and injured all the time.”

Not only that but Pahl’s mental skills have greatly improved. Yoga has taught her to be “more in the moment and mindful of the present” instead of having her thinking scattered on all kinds of thoughts. She also relieved her stress because yoga taught her how to really breathe.

While Pahl denies being a yoga expert, she does teach one class at the studio for teenage girls.

“Teaching yoga to teens is my passion,” Pahl said. “It helps them deal with the issues they face as they reach puberty. I wish I had gotten into yoga as a teen.”

Pahl is making up for lost time. She now does yoga almost every day.

For more about Twist Yoga, visit or call 503-303-4195. It is located at 3970 SW Mercantile Drive, Suite 100, in Lake Grove.

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