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by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - The first thing that Dan and Melissa Morlan do for new members at ActiveEdge Wellness Center is find just what they must do to become fit.Not only can Dan and Melissa Morlan restore your good health at ActiveEdge Wellness Center in West Linn, they can get rid of all of your excuses for staying out of shape.

"Why wouldn't you succeed?" Dan Morlan said. "We have the answer for each question you have. We're probably the right place to come to get physically fit."

Endorsement for the Morlans' methods come quickly from their friend and admirer Kelly Mooney, who has seen many members of her family benefit from the Morlans' skill; a teenage nephew had his flexibility restored after suffering sports injuries, her son, Zach, had the strength restored to his dislocated shoulder, her mother had her feet, shoulder and neck problems cured and her father had his painful hip rehabbed.

Mooney, herself, suffered a torn rotator cuff, but because of the Morlans' care she was able to avoid an operation. Multiply these results by many families and you get an idea of the impact the Morlans have had in the West Linn.

That impact will only grow, because their new center is nice and huge and capable of doing so much more for their clients.

"We had a place (on Willamette Falls Drive) for five years, but it was too small," Dan Morlan said. "We would send out our clients after helping them and they would have so many risk factors. It didn't feel right. Melissa and I thought, 'Let's help these people as a whole.'"

The Morlans' consciences can rest easy now,by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Melissa Morlan shows great form on the parallel bars, to the approval of her husband, Dan. The couple has helped a lot of men and women in West Linn shape up over the years. because their center offers whatever is needed to heal injuries and get people on the road to health and fitness. That even includes nutrition and psychology. For whatever the Morlans don't know themselves, they have hired experts to provide. First of all they find out what you need.

"We provide an assessment that is designed to set you up for success," Melissa Morlan said.

"Most gyms don't assess anything," Dan Morlan said. "That is where you can get into trouble. It's amazing how often people assume that because they have a bad back they can't get fit. We can get them better despite their expectations."

Love of physical fitness is the reason that romance blossomed between Melissa and Dan Morlan (who have three children). They were very sports-oriented their entire lives. He was a professional soccer player, and she was a member of her college rowing crew. They went on to create a program that is sophisticated and thorough, but also fun.

"We formed a company that did what we wanted," Melissa Morlan said. "It was both all function and all fun."

Probably the most "fun" thing at the center is the adult jungle gym. It looks shiny and high tech, but adults can use it just like the jungle gyms in their elementary school days.

"You can crawl all over it and do anything you want," Melissa Morlan said.

"Life gets so far away from play," Dan Morlan observed.

Even the biggest fitness pessimist can benefit from ActiveEdge Wellness Center. Ultimately, the goal is for clients to achieve "homeostasis," which means your body is built up to the point where it is consistent and stable in every way.

There is one final selling point.

"We tell people that homeostasis is sexy," Melissa Morlan said.

For more about ActiveEdge Wellness Center, visit or call 503-387-5449.

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