KAMINDs Katzer and Crawford bring clarity out of confusion

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: DAN PEARSON - Matt Katzer shakes the hand of a book buyer at the book launch party at Microsoft in Portland. In the background is his partner and co-author, Don Crawford.

Thanks to Matt Katzer and Don Crawford there is finally a book on cloud computing.

The team that makes up the Lake Oswego firm KAMIND Inc. has written “Office 365: Managing and Migrating Your Business to the Cloud.” The duo cuts through the complications to help IT professionals and business owners curious about maximizing the potential of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a term that describes a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real time computer network.

“We’ve taken all the notes from the field and put all of the information in one place,” said Katzer, a resident of Portland. “It is unique because everything in the book has been tested.”

Katzer and Crawford have rebranded themselves as consultant and solution engineers, but as always their goal is to reduce costs and increase efficiency for businesses.

“We’re in the shiny penny business,” Katzer said.

By that he means the new KAMIND book was written to help businesses to pick the system that best suits their needs.

“This book has a lot of practical information about Office 365 — how people can use it for planning and implementation,” Crawford said.

So if you want to sharpen up your use of Office 365, you might consider buying Katzer and Crawford’s book.

“There is no other book on the market about this topic,” Crawford said.

Although this is true, the KAMIND guys say they must still find the best way for people to find out about their book. They got off to a good start with their recent book launch party at the Microsoft store in Portland, where they met existing customers and made new leads.

“We want to help people find it,” said Crawford, a Portland resident. “We’re promoting it every way we can think of.”

Crawford was pleased to note, “We’re getting some nice reviews on Amazon.”

For more information about KAMIND and “Office 365,” go to the website or call 1-888-306-1249.

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