by: SUBMITTED PHOTO, Lakeridge High School seniors released 200 paper lanterns June 7 as a new tradition for the school's graduation celebration.

Lakeridge High School seniors included a new tradition in their graduation celebration this year. The night before graduation, they let off 200 paper lanterns into the sky.

'The lantern idea came from the ASB Activities Director Krissy Hengesh,' said Liz Murphy, who advises the student officers. 'She wanted to do something special that could be a new senior class tradition. She'd seen the lanterns somewhere and did her research about them, found out they were biodegradable and bought enough for each of the seniors. They all met on the turf field about 9:30 p.m. the night before graduation and Krissy passed one to each senior. She'd previously sent a video on how to put them together to the senior class' Facebook page. I am hopeful that this will continue for each of the following senior classes, as everyone seems to have really enjoyed it.'

Murphy said the student technology director, Micah Bartel, created a video of the lanterns. It can be viewed online at and v=YzQg2QptxcY.

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