Boot camp offers adventures in exercise for women in Lake Oswego and beyond
by: VERN UYETAKE Maclasky, left, and Bertram  became fast friends when they met while living in California and their shared passion for fitness and running led them to open Lake Oswego Adventure Boot Camp.

Wherever a woman finds herself on the fitness spectrum, Katie Maclaskey and Noelle Bertram want her to rise a little higher.

That is why they started Lake Oswego Adventure Boot Camp for women last spring. The exercisers never quit moving in the camp's winter quarters in the building next to Wizer's downtown, and they all receive just the right amount of 'push.'

'These girls are the best,' said Caryn Hanley, who will soon be an exercise instructor herself and has been a fitness devotee for 25 years. 'They've been doing this for a long time. They are so encouraging.'

Jules Madrid was hoping to fit into a smaller wedding dress. Thanks to the boot camp, she made it.

'I have a lot more energy, and I just feel better,' Madrid said. 'Katie and Noelle are smart. They know what works and what doesn't. The exercise is so personalized. It's like having a personal trainer.'

'I have so much more stamina and strength now,' said Kari Perry of West Linn. 'When it came time to carry the Christmas tree, I said, 'Give the tree to me!''

Hefting holiday trees is just one of the results Bertram and Maclaskey have achieved with their clients. They started in Foothills Park during the warmer months, attracting sessions of up to 50 people in the great outdoors. Now it is again 'go time.'

'Everyone has been cooped up for a couple weeks,' Bertram said. 'Now they're ready to take on the world.'

She and Maclaskey decided to take on the exercise world last January when the rapidly expanding Adventure Boot Camp decided to start a franchise in Lake Oswego. Their effort is the fruition of their accidental friendship.

Bertram said, 'My family has a restaurant in California that is right next to a restaurant owned by Katie's family. Her dad used to tell me how much Katie was into fitness and exercise, and I thought, 'Oh yeah, yeah, whatever.''

Despite this initial lack of burning enthusiasm, their friendship caught fire as soon as they met.

'We saw each other running one day,' Bertram said.

'We literally crossed paths,' Maclaskey said. 'We spent hours talking about fitness and running.'

When fate brought them together again in Portland, Lake Oswego Adventure Boot Camp came into being.

However, even though Adventure Boot Camp is a worldwide franchise operation, Maclaskey and Bertram set their own program.

'We do our own workouts,' Maclaskey said. 'We cater it to our ladies at whatever level of fitness they are at. We get the full body moving - that's our thing. But we're not drill sergeants. We let everyone progress at the level they think they can do.'

Boot camp clients can expect their attitude in exercise class to carry over into everyday life.

'They say, 'I used to be so apologetic. Now I'm a tiger!'' Bertram said. 'The most satisfying part about doing this is to see people do things they thought they couldn't do.'

The boot camp leaders expect to turn out a lot more tigers in 2012.

Bertram explained: 'People will start doing their new year's resolutions then, and exercise is at the top of the list for many of them.'

The atmosphere of enjoyment and achievement at Adventure Boot Camp will be hard to resist.

'Nicole and Katie are darling little dynamos,' said Hanley, the soon-to-be fitness instructor.

For more about Lake Oswego, Oregon Adventure Boot Camp for Women, go to the website at or call 503-550-8638.

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