Oregon-based murder mystery is authors first novel

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Oregon City resident Ken Baysinger has published his first novel, a murder mystery that takes place in the North Willamette Valley.

Oregon City resident Ken Baysinger has published his first novel, “El Camino,” a murder mystery. He will talk about the book at the West Linn Public Library at 6:30 p.m. April 9.

“I’ve written all my life, but this is my first novel,” Baysinger said.

He has written technical materials for dental equipment companies and Freightliner, among other clients.

According to Baysinger, Oregon residents reading “El Camino” are likely to feel a sense of deja  vu. The murder mystery takes place in the North Willamette Valley and local readers could actually get in their cars and follow the characters from one place to the next as the story develops. Baysinger said the familiarity goes even deeper than that as he chose the characters’ names from a map of Oregon.

“One evening early in the writing process I was having a hard time coming up with character names,” he said. “There was a map open on my desk to help maintain accuracy in the geography of the story, and down the side there was three columns of names. That became the source for character names from that moment on.”

Real-life history and news is woven into the story which gives “El Camino” a strong sense of reality.

“Much of today’s fiction is actually more like fantasy,” Baysinger said. “Readers of fantasy don’t expect realism, because they know going in, for example, that hobbits don’t exist. When fiction writers exceed the boundaries of what is possible or likely, they cross the line into fantasy. In ‘El Camino,’ I incorporated as much fact as possible in order to make the fiction ring true.”

Baysinger said it took about five months to write the book and that he is about halfway through with a second book.

“My books are longer than most mystery stories. ‘El Camino’ is 540 pages,” he said. “A story that lacks depth might as well be a comic book. I have too much respect for my readers to offer them a superficial, half-baked story.”

“El Camino” is available from the publisher at and bookstores nationwide as well as on and

El Camino is available at national bookstores as well as online from the publisher, and

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