LO High School assistant principals promotion takes effect next July

When Lake Oswego High School Principal Bruce Plato retires at the end of this school year, Assistant Principal Cindy Schubert will take his place.

“I’ve been very happy where I’ve been ... but when the opportunity came forward, and I couldn’t get Bruce to stay any longer, then I thought it was a natural process to go to that role,” said Schubert, who has spent the last nine years of her two-decade career at LOHS.

Schubert was a single mom in her mid-30s when she got her teaching degree from Eastern Oregon University (then known as Eastern Oregon State College). She went on to teach business and leadership and eventually serve as an administrator at Hood River Middle School. She came to LOHS in 2003. After working in Lake Oswego for a year and a half, she and her family left their home in Dundee so that her sons could be educated in the Lake Oswego School District.

“The arts and the academics and the athletics have just been an amazing fit for our family,” she said. “I just saw what an amazing school district this was with Dr. (Bill) Korach’s leadership — I mean, he’s an incredible strategic planner and an incredible leader.”

As assistant principal of LOHS, Schubert has been in charge of curriculum and instruction. Since learning of her appointment, she has been eager to learn all the tricks of the principal trade.

“I think now, as we move forward ... I’m picking up more things,” she said. “And Bruce is also sharing with me things that he did in his job that I might not be aware of. We both want a really seamless transition.”

One thing Schubert shares with her predecessor is a passion for principalship.

“I just love administration; I love creating the conditions for student success ... and I don’t see that as work,” she said. “I’ve always enjoyed ... organizing things. And I work really hard not to be the type of administrator that’s just in the office ... I’ve always wanted to have a really good balance of kids, community, teachers, but being able to do my job.”

Schubert said her love for her work is directly related to her love for her workplace.

“There’s some good traditions that are on the football field or the soccer field ... or just things that seniors do every year like the teepeeing the tree (a longstanding tradition of teepeeing a tree in what is now the LOHS parking lot) and things like that, and those are great. But what I love about the culture here is that there’s high expectations for students; they really know that their job when they’re in school is to learn, be respectful and try their hardest, and so I think that’s the tradition that is really important,” she said. “Bruce and I are always stopping and saying, ‘Gosh, we have the nicest kids here.’”

And Schubert?

“I’m very open to communication ... I hope to work really hard with our teachers and our classified staff to provide a really welcoming community,” she said. “Bottom line: I’m just really honored to step into this role.”

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