Students talk about what they love about school, and staff discuss ways to work with children

“I love all the teachers. My teacher, Mrs. Larson, is great, and the music teacher, Mr. Haynor, is the greatest teacher in all the world.”

— Elle Hinkle, fourth-grader

“I love mathematics because I just think math is really fun, and I also like talking. I hosted the talent show two years ago.”

— Zac Aghdaei, fourth-grader

I like “math and science. What I like about math is it’s always fun, and it’s never boring. Science, it’s fun because you get to mix chemicals and make new things and have fun. ... I’m looking forward to having a good year in fourth grade.”

— Joey Swanson, fourth-grader

“I like our big garden. We have lots of fruit, and we have this festival where we eat the fruit during the year.”

— Grace Marini, fourth-grader

“I’m looking forward to a lot of art because I think art is really fun, and I like to draw, and I’m also looking forward to science.”

— Jackson Coder, fourth-grader

“What I’m looking forward to is art and reading.”

— Chanelle Buck, fourth-grader

“We have the same challenge every year and that is: We always are looking for balance. Part of what we do is we work hard, but we also know part of elementary school is having fun.”

— Principal Sara Deboy

“We deal with (kids) politely and respectfully. Any time you’re working with children, you have to establish a relationship, and once you establish that relationship, they’ll listen to what you say. ... Always use their name, because that makes them a person.”

— Michelle Bayley, special education assistant

“You have to assert yourself (with kids). You have to really be clear what the expectations are. You’ve got to talk to the kids on their own level. You can’t expect respect unless you give it.

— Cathy Jacobs, special education assistant

“I like to make music fun for the kids. I like to let them be themselves fully in class. I let all of their character come out.”

— Ben Haynor, music teacher

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