On being fifth-graders:

“I just feel older. I feel excited being the top dogs at school. I know (Damon Stuck and I are) looking forward to going to middle school next year.”

— Brandon Valentine, fifth-grader

“All of my family is there (at the middle school): my brother, my sister, my other sister, and you don’t have to stay on one class.”

— Damon Stuck, fifth-grader

What some River Grove students are wearing for Halloween:

“I’m going to be a person from the ‘80s because my dad said I could put my hair like this (sweeps her hair to one side), and I thought it would be cool to see the fashions.”

— Sofia Mier, fifth-grader

“I’m going to be Minnie Mouse. I came up with the outfit by myself. I had a polka-dot dress and ears from Disneyland.”

— Salma Abdussamad, fifth-grader

“I’m going to be Link from ‘Legend of Zelda.’ He’s a hero who tries to save a princess in every 16 video games he’s in.”

— Kyler Bonwell, fourth-grader

I’m going to be “a grim reaper because I can scare little kids so I can get their candy.”

— Tyler Blake, fifth-grader

“I’m going to be a girl that’s going to be a bat, and she’s in Monster High.”

— Jennifer Lazo, first-grader

The principal’s take on the start of the school year is:

“The school year is going very well at River Grove! We had a really great start, and students are very involved with learning reading, writing, math and science, along with P.E., social studies, music and health. Some highlights so far are: a rainy, but very cozy and fun, Back to School Barbecue; a number of great field trips with some more coming up; and the Fitness a Thon, where students from every grade level participated in running, shooting baskets and jump rope events.”

— Dan Sterling, River Grove principal

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