What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, Hanukkah or any other winter holiday? Why?

Eric Klein

“Does pumpkin pie count? We usually go to Safeway for it. It’s just what my family always does. It’s a tradition — plus, it tastes amazing.”

— Eric Klein, freshman

Kevin Pataroque

“My favorite food is also pumpkin pie. … I don’t like turkey because it’s too tough, and cranberry sauce is too sweet. I guess pumpkin pie is just right.”

— Kevin Pataroque, freshman

Shawn Chang

“Turkey, my mom’s friend (makes it). It’s juicy; it’s not tough. She makes homemade gravy.”

— Shawn Chang, freshman

Katherine Grisham

“I guess it’d be the turkey that we do: We fry it. … It has a lot of flavor.”

— Katherine Grisham, freshman

Skye Allen

“We get ribs for Christmas,” and I like it because of “the sauce, lots of sauce, and because it’s a finger food.” Who makes it? “I do.”

— Skye Allen, freshman

Everett Jimenez

“For Thanksgiving, I like the stuffing my mom makes. I’d say for Christmas, the ham. We buy it from the store.”

— Everett Jimenez, sophomore

Chris Barra

“For Thanksgiving, stuffing, and for Christmas, usually, we have steak. My dad” makes it. “He gets New York strip, and he makes it a little bit on the rare side.”

— Chris Barra, freshman

Cheyenne Harrison

“Turkey, ham — my aunt mostly” cooks it. What do you like most about the holidays? “Probably the food, clothes and presents.”

— Cheyenne Harrison, freshman

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