Dozens of local students earned Portland Metro Scholastic Art Awards

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Lakeridge High School senior Anya Staines earned a Gold Key Portfolio award.Dozens of Lake Oswego students learned last month that they’re among the winners of the Portland Metro Scholastic Art Awards.

The Portland Metro regional program announced the awards on its website last month. The program is affiliated with a state program and is open to seventh to 12th graders who live in by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Lake Oswego High School senior Lauren Hung landed a Gold Key Portfolio award.Clackamas, Washington or Multnomah counties. Winners — divided into gold key, silver key and honorable mention individual and portfolio categories — will be honored at a ceremony Feb. 19 at the Portland Art Museum. Categories include ceramics and glass, sculpture, mixed media, painting, photography and drawing.

Winners receive scholarships and compete in a national competition.

Teachers at local schools or private art teachers nominate students.

Gold key individual works will be on display through the end of the month at Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson St., Portland; and portfolio gold key works will be on display through Feb. 27 at Oregon College of Art and Craft, 8245 SW Barnes Road, SUBMITTED PHOTO - Amy Chen was among the Gold Key Portfolio winners at Lake Oswego High.

A list of winners at Lake Oswego and Lakeridge high schools is below, and Lake Oswego Junior High, Riverdale High and St. Mary’s Academy winners are scheduled to be listed next week:

Lake Oswego High

Gold Key winners: Amy Chen, Madison Cho-Richmond, Cher Feng, Lauren Hung and Kimberly Park.

Silver Key winners: Molly Austin, Bianca Beauchamp, Olivia Bowles, Shannon Elliott, Gary Gates, Kimberly Griggs, Duvessa MacCarvill, Jonus Parrish, Haley Scheuerlein, Rachel Rise, Erica Suh, Marissa Taylor and Emily Wolfram.

Honorable Mentions: Olivia Bowles, Amy Chen, Madison Cho-Richmond, Cher Feng, Griffin Graves, Sarah Kwartler, Duvessa MacCarvill, Anna Pieringer, Nikita Rozanov, Michelle Sayer, Ryan Sklar and Jeanie You.

Gold Key Portfolio winners: Amy Chen, Lauren Hung and Zach Levison.

Lakeridge High

Gold Key winners: Kai Brooks, Brandi Bryant, Madison Canelis, Justin Chia, Bridget Delaney, Madison Dunlop, Addison Fields, by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Lake Oswego High School senior Zach Levison  is a Gold Key Portfolio awardee for 3D art in the ceramics and glass category.Noelle Foden-Vencil, Genevieve Gallagher, Karalyn Gee, Justin Goerges, Hannah Harbour, Nicole Helm, Nicole Humphreys, Megan Johansen, Kate Kamerman, Marie Kanapeaux, Nicole Kangas, Justin Lebuhn, Maddie Leimbach, Kate Maguire, Carlo Mery, Marissa Miller, Ann Monroe, Thomas Moore, Bailey Morris, Haley Paulson, Avautumn Reeves, Corey Rich, Garrett Riggs, Lauren Rotticci, Arden Smith, Addison Wurtz, Margaret Zackery and Molly Zaninovich.

Silver Key winners: Kai Brooks, Bailey Buchanan, Shelby Bylsma, April Chia, Fiona Corcoran, Gretchen Darby, Bridget Delaney, Noelle Foden-Vencil, Genevieve Gallagher, Hannah Harbour, Elizabeth Hill, Megan Johansen, Kierstin Johnson, Kate Kamerman, Nicole Kangas, Owen Kessel, Hailey King, Shelby Larson, Grace Lee, Kate Maguire, Carlo Mery, Katerina Mery, Rose Miller, Kira Moore, Thomas Moore, Bailey Morris, Alexx O’Boyle, Liam O’Shea, Maria Pitari, Orian Raviv, Garrett Riggs, Lauren Rotticci, Wolfgang Schildmeyer, Leah Shearer, Arden Smith, Kyle Sosa, Anya Staines, Isabella Stephens, Lacey Watkins, Addison Wurtz, Sam Wurtz and Molly Zaninovich.

Honorable Mentions: Daniel Barber, Andrea Bisbjerg, Ella Brennan, Nic Brumfield, Brandi Bryant, Bailey Buchanan, Madison Canelis, Vincent Chia, Gretchen Darby, Bridget by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Lakeridge senior Addison Wurtz is a Gold Key Portfolio winner in the ceramics and glass category.Delaney, Noelle Foden-Vencil, Karalyn Gee, Justin Goerges, Hannah Harbour, Nicole Humphreys, Yumi Ito, Megan Johansen, Kate Kamerman, Madison Lawhead, Madison Mayfield, Remington Mederos, Katerina Mery, Rose Miller, Ann Monroe, Shea Northfield, Alexx O’Boyle, Annie O’day, Elijah Pilkington, Maria Pitari, Orian Raviv, Avautumn Reeves, Sophie Richards, David Rollins, Lauren Rotticci, Lauren Rotticci, Wolfgang Schildmeyer, Leah Shearer, Thomas Shearer, Arden Smith, Anya Staines, Bailey Van Stiphout, Grace Watkins, Lacey Watkins, Claire Williams, Addison Wurtz, Sam Wurtz and Molly Zaninovich.

Gold Key Portfolio winners: Noelle Foden-Vencil, Kelsey Mackenzie, Bailey Morris, Anya Staines and Addison Wurtz.

Silver Key Portfolio winners: Vincent Chia and Justin Goerges.

Honorable Mention Portfolios: Ranya Al-Khaledy, Brenda Cha, Noelle Foden-Vencil, Megan Johansen, Katerina Mery, Wolfgang Schildmeyer and Molly Zaninovich.Ava Reeves was among Lakeridge's Gold Key winners.

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