Story Time strikes chord of fun with kids at library

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: EMILY LIU - From left, teens Lacey Doby, Natasha Willow, Alexandra Louis and Emily Elott helped put on a show for children during Story Time at the Lake Oswego Public Library on Saturday.Cydny Fletcher wanted to bring back Story Time to the Lake Oswego Public Library because it was such a big success last year.

It was a big success again on Saturday as Fletcher and her crew from the Youth Action Council collaborated on a twin bill of “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss. With an average audience age of under 3 years old, the presentation only received a scattering of bad reviews. That happened when babies started crying when the Big Bad Wolf loudly sneezed due to his allergy to pigs. Overall, the show was a smash with the overflow crowd of parents and kiddies.

“It was super popular last year,” said Fletcher, teen and youth program coordinator for Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation. “We wanted to do it again.”

“Seeing my visions and insights work out was awesome,” said 17-year-old Natalie Arakelian of her first directorial effort. “It took two months of preparation, and we all work so well together. It was so fun.”

“The Three Little Pigs” took a 180-degree spin from the original story. In this version, the Big Bad Wolf was little and nice and only wanted to borrow a cup of sugar to make a cake for his grandmother. However, the pigs turned out to be paranoid, and the wolf was seized by sneezing fits. By the time the story reached the third pig’s brick house, the cops were called.

“I was framed,” moaned the wolf, as he was cuffed and led off to the hoosegow.

“The Sneetches” was an allegory with laughs. Two groups of Sneetches so badly wanted to one-up the other group that they fell victim to one Sylvester McMonkey McBean, who had designed a machine perfectly designed to bilk the Sneetches out of every last red cent. The bad news was that the Sneetches ended up broke. The good news was they finally learned to get along and lived happily ever after.

As an intermission attraction, Fletcher performed her awesome New York City accent and had the audience imitate her.

The play performed for kids was another example of the Youth Action Council branching out to reach both the adults and younger children of the community.

“Cyd is really interested in the whole community and having us do events for all ages,” said Arakelian, a senior at Lake Oswego High School.

“We want to do things at the (Lake Oswego Adult Community Center) and for children,” Fletcher said. “We want to touch the community as a whole.”

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