Kole Pulley“I’ve always wanted to go to France and visit the bunkers from World War II because I’m a history buff and, also, I love croissants. I pretty much know everything about World War II. I like to read about it, watch videos.”

— Kole Pulley, fourth-grader

Peter Gevurtz

“Probably New York because I was born there and I’ve been there a lot, so, I know what to do, and, also, I have family there. … “I like going to museums like the Museum of Natural History and Central Park, historic places like that.”

— Peter Gevurtz, third-grader

Ashby Caughey

“I’d go to Hawaii because it’s really sunny there, and I don’t have to wear long-sleeved shirts, and I don’t like wearing long-sleeved shirts all the time. I would go to the beach and go to water parks and enjoy the sun.”

— Ashby Caughey, second-grader

Matthew Douglass

“Probably Australia somewhere by Sydney, and maybe the Great Barrier Reef. My cousins (and my aunt and uncle) live in Australia; I’ve never been there. …My cousins play rugby, and I love it, too, and one plays cricket, and it goes on for days, and I’d kind of like to try that.” — Matthew Douglass, fifth-grader

Emily McMurray

“I would go to Thailand because, when I went there, it was really nice, so I would like to go back. I would go to the beach. I would see how much it changed, the place I stayed at near Bangkok.”

— Emily McMurray, fourth-grader

Allie Lewis

“Hawaii because it’s really sunny. I’d like to go snorkeling. I’d probably make some stuff on the beach.”

— Allie Lewis, second-grader

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