Michie, Bagchi can pursue career dreams after earning degrees

by: REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - SANDEEP BAGCHIMarylhurst University held its graduation ceremony on June 13, sending out 540 new graduates — people like Megan Michie and Sandeep Bagchi of Lake Oswego — who hope to make the world a better place.

Michie and Bagchi exemplify the typical Marylhurst graduate. Both have already accomplished much in their personal and professional lives, but they returned to school with a desire to achieve new goals.

After graduating this month, they're equipped to do just that.

Bagchi, a native of India, seemed to be in a strong life groove as a husband, father of two children and an engineer in the semi-conductor field. But he wanted more.

“After I came to Lake Oswego four years ago, I thought I should get my MBA,” Bagchi said. “It was time for me to do more. I wanted to do more strategic functions. I wanted to blend my engineering skills with an MBA.”

Bagchi looks calm, but his life isn’t.

“It has been a little too hectic learning to manage life, family and education,” he said. “But working with professors who have had six to 20 years of experience in the field was very stimulating for me.”

by: REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - SANDEEP BAGCHIWith his new MBA degree, Bagchi says he is eager to look for new opportunities wherever he can find them.

Michie is more typical of most new college graduates in that she is looking for a job.

“My husband is looking forward to me bringing home my first paycheck,” she said with a smile.

That shouldn't take long. Michie is intelligent, articulate and has a strong desire to use her new business leadership degree (with three certifications) for her new career as a mediator who will seek to resolve conflicts and achieve social justice. She is already a great communicator.

“I wanted to see how I can help community development,” Michie said. “I wanted to be more effective working on conflict and social justice. Those things can best be resolved in a business situation.”

Michie already had a rich life when she started working toward her degree in 2007. Her professional background included being a literacy teaching aide and work in the medical field. Her personal life was filled with love and challenges as she and her husband raised two young daughters and her two nieces, who both suffer from disabilities. But she could not set aside her ambition — creating a “trust culture.”

When Michie looked for colleges, she discovered that Marylhurst offered the most of what she wanted. She said she has found inspiration and support everywhere she has looked at Marylhurst, from her professors and from fellow students. Ask Michie about her professors and she bubbles over with praise for how they helped her not only in the classroom, but also in life outside the classroom.

“My professors have had so much impact on me and so much value to me,” Michie said. “They have so much to share and they obviously love doing it. They are so dynamic and experienced in their field.”

Michie now has many keys she can use to open doors locked by disagreement and hard feelings. She feels she now has the ability to help both sides on an issue come out better through mediation, rather than slugging it out in the legal process.

“The legal process is so time-consuming,” Michie said. “I would like to unclog our court system and resolve disagreements before they go before a judge. Both parties can walk away and be for the better. This is about making those two parties whole.”

After working so hard to achieve her goal, Michie deserves time to relax and plan and reflect on her time at Marylhurst.

Of the graduation ceremony in Portland, she said, “It was great re-gathering with all of the students I’ve gone to school with, and for us to be together for the resolution of what we set out to do.”

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