Most Park Academy grads plan to attend college through the Oregon Promise, and others will attend a four-year school or be active in local businesses.

REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Park Academy graduates include  (from left): front row, Jonathan Crane, Matt Frank, Miliano Jimenez-Sutton, Zak Thomas and Ace Tiedemann; and back row, Mason Barton, Tate Kruse, Sean McMurry and James Maxwell. Not pictured are: Zoe Davis, Talon Robedeau and Sam Sexauer.The Class of 2017 is Park Academy's largest graduating class since it opened in 2005. And this year, almost every one of the graduates from the nonprofit private school on South Shore Boulevard is headed to community college as part of the Oregon Promise grant program. Others also will attend four-year schools or be active in local businesses upon graduating.

Here is a little more about these students:

Mason Barton

Future plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: Computer science and auto mechanics (His ideal career is working for Intel.)

Other interests: Barton was inspired by an experiential learning opportunity earlier this year at Intel. He is a finalist for an Intel summer internship. In his spare time, he loves to build and fix computers, go cycling and whip up some of his new recipes from his Culinary Arts class for his family.

Jonathan Crane

Future plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: Associate of Arts Transfer Degree and then continue on to a four-year university to study psychology

Other interests: Crane really enjoys being outside and being physically active. He is looking forward to summer weather and longboarding.

Zoe Davis

Future plans: Chemeketa Community College

Planned area of study: General course work and then pursue a career in special education

Other interests: Davis found theater enjoyable and was cast in several roles, even though it was a challenge to memorize lines. Outside of school, Davis and her dance troupe, Yates Academy, are award-winning Irish dancers.

Matt Frank

Future plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: Frank will be pursuing a certificate at PCC's Fitness Technology Program so he can become a personal trainer.

Other interests: While participating in Intel's Design Thinking Workshop, Frank created a tool to increase handicap access to workout equipment. He also played Fezzik in his school's production of the "Princess Bride." Frank has dedicated a lot of time to community service this year and is the recipient of Park Academy's Compassion Award, created in memory of Mr. Faaea Talalemotu, who passed away in February.

Miliano Jiminez Sutton

Future plans: Pacific University in Forest Grove on a competitive, academic Pacesetters Scholarship

Planned area of study: Environmental science and engineering

Other interests: Last summer, Sutton completed training in Alaska with National Outdoor Leadership School, and he hopes that his career path will continue to involve the outdoors. In addition, Sutton is on the Eastside Timbers soccer team.

Tate Kruse

Future plans: Landmark College in Vermont

Planned area of study: Liberal arts and life sciences (in preparation for a possible career in the medical field)

Other interests: This summer, Kruse will be working as a camp counselor with the Autistic Community Activity Program, which provides resources and empowerment opportunities for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. During his time at Park Academy, Kruse has been proud of his growth as a reader and his role as Valarie in the theater production of "Princess Bride." In his spare time, Tate enjoys skiing and looks forward to exploring the slopes of Sugar Bush in Vermont.

James Maxwell

Future plans: Chemeketa Community College.

Planned area of study: Welding

Other interests: Maxwell greatly enjoyed his senior year and feels it was the best year of his high school tenure. Highlights of the year include being the lead in the "Princess Bride" in the role of Wesley, and enjoying a midnight hike during Field Studies at Camp Hancock. "You could see the whole valley under a sky of stars," Maxwell said.

Sean McMurry

Future plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: General studies (His science classes at Park Academy have inspired him to pursue a career as a veterinarian.)

Other interests: McMurry has enjoyed history, art and theater. He gave a show-stopping comedic performance as Rafiki in last year's "Lion King" production and as Miracle Max in this year's rendition of "Princess Bride."

Jeremy Peterman

Future plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: Journalism

Other interests: Peterman joined Park Academy for his senior year. He is most proud that he never gave up. He feels that all of the Park Academy teachers helped him to succeed. Outside of school, he enjoys playing the flute and piano. He has a passion for all things sports-related and has his own sports blog,

Talon Robedeau

Future plans: Central Oregon Community College

Planned area of study: Aviation

Other interests: Robedeau will be pursuing a career as a pilot. He was inspired at a conference last summer in Boston, where he spent time with world-renowned speakers in the field.

Sam Sexauer

Future plans: After high school, Sexauer is interested in pursuing additional training in the computer field and in video game development. He plans to work with his father in his computer business.

Other interests: Sexauer has attended Park Academy for the past seven years and has fond memories of middle school in particular. Sexauer likes following basketball — watching basketball games and getting outside to shoot some hoops. He enjoys playing video games and hopes to be a game designer himself someday.

Zak Thomas

Future plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: General studies

Other interests: Thomas knows that he really likes building things with his hands. Last summer, he built a kayak out of bamboo with his grandfather. Coupled with his interest in sustainability, his next goal is to build a sports car completely from recycled parts. This summer, Thomas will be working as a canoeing guide before heading off to school. He plans to take some business classes, as he aspires to be a business owner. He is very proud of his 3.52 GPA.

Ace Tiedemann

Future plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: Tiedemann would like to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine as an avian specialist.

Other interests: Tiedemann enjoyed theater classes the most, playing roles in last year's "Lion King" and this year's "Princess Bride." He found the process frustrating but the final performances most fulfilling. Tiedemann loves to draw. His interest in anime was furthered this spring with a trip to Japan with his grandmother. This summer, he will continue to work at Subway and is eager to start his studies at PCC.

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