2/13/13 6:49 a.m. The back door of the UPS store on South State Street was broken, causing $1,000 in damage, which may be related to other UPS store burglaries in the Metro area.


2/12/13 4:17 p.m. A weaving car with three occupants nearly ran into a bus on Boones Ferry Road.

2/12/13 6:15 p.m. A woman refused medical attention after driving into a flowerbed and concrete flowerbox.

2/15/13 10:53 a.m. An angry man is ramming a female with his car on Oak Terrace.

2/16/13 4:50 p.m. Three cars collided and caused some minor injuries on Jefferson and McNary parkways.

2/16/13 9:39 p.m. A possibly drunken driver was swerving all over the road on Kruse Way and Westlake Drive.

218/13 5:34 p.m. A driver started flashing lights and making obscene gestures after another driver got too close on Boones Ferry Road.


2/13/13 1:24 p.m. A Toshiba laptop worth $400 was taken from a Trailblazer parked on Centerpointe Drive.

2/14/13 7:49 a.m. About 30 to 40 CDs were stolen from a car parked at Hilton Garden Inn.

2/14/13 2:08 p.m. An ornamental clock worth $100 was taken from a yard on D Avenue.

2/15/13 2:32 p.m. A range and dishwasher were taken from a home under construction. The stainless steel Whirlpool range is worth $1,800 and the Whirlpool dishwasher is worth $680.

2/17/13 1:02 p.m. A wallet and cellphone were stolen from a car parked at Hope Community Church on Boones Ferry Road.

2/18/13 8:12 p.m. A Walmart basket full of possibly stolen items was found on Carman Drive.


2/12/13 5:05 p.m. A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend has stolen her Mustang convertible.

2/12/13 5:07 p.m. A man is driving down Highway 43 selling fireworks from his car.

2/13/13 10:40 a.m. A multicolored animal with a long snout that resembled a wolf was seen lurking on Country Club Road.

2/13/13 5:52 p.m. A confession to a crime committed many years ago was called in to the LOPD.

2/13/13 6:16 p.m. A 14-year-old girl left Lakeridge High School after fourth period and hasn’t been seen since.

2/13/13 11:23 p.m. A person tried to commit suicide and was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

2/14/13 5:14 p.m. Four tires were slashed on a vehicle parked on Hidalgo.

2/14/13 10:58 p.m. A mysterious stranger would not stop knocking on the door of room 223 at Residence Inn. It turned out to be the ex-boyfriend of the female occupant.

2/15/13 1:25 p.m. After being asked to leave a pub because he refused to stop smoking, an irate customer is making harassing phone calls to the establishment.

2/15/13 4:49 p.m. A woman’s former accountant is refusing to return her tax documents.

2/15/13 11:25 p.m. A litterbug has been active on Bergis Road and Cornell Street, leaving garbage over the past few weeks.

2/16/13 9:51 a.m. A mailbox was blown up on Amberwood Circle, causing $100 in damage.

2/16/13 1:40 p.m. After firing an employee, a woman is worried because the terminated employee has keys and alarm codes to her business location. She wants assistance from police with trespassing the employee when he comes to pick up his final paycheck.

2/16/13 3:18 p.m. An employee reported being assaulted by the boss at a restaurant in Lake Grove.

2/16/13 4:08 p.m. Four or five bad kids were throwing rocks at cars on Kerr Parkway.

2/16/13 6:57 p.m. A dog who has been barking nonstop on Bryant Road is continuing his bad behavior by refusing to eat.

2/16/13 10:31 p.m. After a woman spotted some coyotes in her neighborhood on Firwood Road, her Chihuahua is now missing. A search for the little dog has started.

2/17/13 3:19 p.m. A tire was slashed on a blue Jaguar parked on Kilburn Avenue.

2/17/13 4:26 p.m. A 17-year-old daughter has been receiving suicidal messages from her friend.

2/17/13 5:49 p.m. A drunken man keeps going back to a store on Monroe Parkway to buy beer. His patronage has become irksome.

2/17/13 8:03 p.m. A pedestrian bridge on Bilford Lane might be being used for drug deals.

2/17/13 9:19 p.m. A vehicle suffered $500 in damage from a barrage of eggs thrown on Melrose Street.

2/18/13 7:38 a.m. A citizen became concerned when she noticed street signs were either pulled out or missing on Tamaway Drive and Tolkein Lane.

2/18/13 3:17 p.m. Two stray dogs got loose at Palisades Market. They are now lodged at Clackamas Dog Services.


2/13/13 9:48 a.m. An unauthorized charge was made on a man’s debit account.

2/13/13 1:23 p.m. A Craigslist scam on a hotel in Hawaii was reported by a man.

2/13/13 4:01 p.m. Unauthorized charges were made on a man’s American Express card.

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