Long-range plan, WEB and street projects make the list

Completing an update of the comprehensive plan, deciding what to do with the West End Building property and finalizing a plan for Boones Ferry Road improvements top the Lake Oswego City Council’s action plan for 2013.

In addition, the council expects to implement changes to regulations on environmentally sensitive lands and to develop a strategy for funding street maintenance and related projects this year.

The council unanimously approved the five-point action plan at its March 5 meeting.

Before approving the plan, the council strengthened one of the priorities. Instead of pledging to “consider” changes to the sensitive lands ordinance, which limits land use near waterways, wetlands and tree groves on both public and private properties, the council plans to “implement” modifications to its environmental protections.

“We’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years already,” Council President Mike Kehoe said of the city’s sensitive lands program.

Some of the priorities extend to additional issues. For example, the council’s aim to make a decision on how to use the WEB campus, purchased in 2006 for about $20 million before the economic recession hit, includes crafting a plan for upgrading public safety facilities such as the police department and 9-1-1 communications, South Shore Fire Station and the public works department’s operations building.

The council’s goal related to street projects targets not only general maintenance and pothole repairs but also bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Councilor Donna Jordan said the five priorities listed in the action plan likely aren’t the only items that will be considered as officials head into the annual budgeting process. Citizens have provided input about their priorities at a town hall meeting, by emailing the council and through the city’s online Open City Hall forum.

Jordan said public input should be balanced with city council members’ ideas of what they’d like to accomplish this year.

“There were a lot of things that citizens have brought up,” she said. “I think we need to continue to have that information brought forward as we go through the budget process. ... I don’t want that to get lost.”

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