'I'd like to learn Spanish since all of my children are. On a council basis, I would like to help us be less divisive as a city council.'

- Mike Kehoe, city councilor

'I resolve to use less paper and do more council and personal business electronically!'

- Donna Jordan, city councilor

'Resist an entitlement mentality. Remind myself that my worst day may be another individual's best. Take actions because it is the 'right thing to do,' no matter how small. Be a better listener to what my kids have to say. And, of course, support the local journalists!'

- Scott Bullard, Lake Oswego

'My new year's resolution and hope is to grow more apples - as many apples as possible, from Foxwhelp to Porter's Perfection -and maybe even in Lake Oswego!'

- Josh Johnson, owner of Finnegan Cider

'My list is less a statement of things I am resolved to do and more of a wish list of what I hope to accomplish: I want to finish my cookbook, continue to champion the gluten-free movement, and, of course, expand the business and the range of things I make.

'I'd like to eat fewer pastries that I make, but I can't help it because if I try a little sample or have a little bite, then I just want more! I'd also like to go to the gym more (or at all), but I'm getting a fair workout hoisting pans full of cinnamon rolls and running around the shop to get things done.

'I'd also like to spend more quality time with my husband and our new puppy, but with two small local businesses between us, I recognize that that isn't likely now.'

- Kyra Bussanich, owner of Crave Bake Shop

'I resolve to do a better job of conserving water in 2012.'

- Sally Moncrieff, city councilor

'I resolve to stay in touch, as much as I can, with those who have shown me friendship, kindness or love. I will do my best to help them if they need it, and to return kindness and love if they will accept it.'

- Barbara Kelley, environmental activist

'In 2012 I want to be more appreciative of my blessings, to spend more time with my family, to exercise more, eat more fruits and vegetables and learn basic Chinese.'

-Jack Hoffman, mayor of Lake Oswego

'In 2012, I'm paying with cash. When it's gone, it's gone. Cards are so 2011. I'm also taking time for the simple joys in life - great friends, delicious food and unexpected travels.'

- Alicia DeCosta, Lake Oswego

'In 2012 I will make a serious effort to expand my outreach capabilities, try to make it through all my iPhone apps, and, even if I don't somehow make myself look 20 years younger, still attend my 50-year high school reunion in Virginia.'

- Susan Mansfield, West Linn (former Lake Oswego resident)

'Snowshoe in Yosemite. Learn how to ride a motorcycle. Read more books for fun. Spend more time with family and friends. Be an artist.'

- Diana Smith-Bouwer, project specialist for the city of Lake Oswego in the Public Affairs

'I usually resolve to gain 5 pounds. That way, if I fail my goal I'm OK with it. I would like to spend more time in 2012 actually availing myself of the treasures of the library. As we say in the library, 'So many books, so little time…''

- Bill Baars, Lake Oswego Library director

'My 2012 resolution is to increase awareness of Lake Oswego's history by publishing my book, Lake Oswego Vignettes: Illiterate Cows to College-Educated Cabbage and by serving as president of the Lake Oswego Preservation Society.'

- Marylou Colver, Lake Oswego historian

'It is my resolution to have more of our incredible residents of Oswego realize that there is history, close at hand, besides their very own homes. History is the essence of innumerable biographies, and those stories are interesting and fun. We want to teach our children that preservation of the past is a story preserved forever.'

- Jude Graham, director of the Oswego Heritage House

'I started working with a personal trainer last fall and my resolution is to continue through the new year. It is so exciting - my flexibility is better, I am stronger and I can do these phenomenal pushups!'

- Teri Graham, co-owner of Graham's Books and Stationery

'Travel to places that will be life experiences.'

- Paul Graham, co-owner of Graham's Books and Stationery

'Try to budget money more and continue to eat healthfully and go to the gym.'

- Roxanne Hungerford, Accessories of the Heart

'I'll be taking care and training my new puppy, Zohan.'

- Sarah Fenwich, Accessories of the Heart

'A long time ago I resolved not to make promises I couldn't keep.'

- Tim Downey, Lake Oswego

'Be able to take an AP 3D class and pass it to get into an art academy in Seattle.'

- Nicki Conant, a junior at Lake Oswego High School

'Work on my art so I can be an artist when I grow up.'

- Gracie Rask, age 7,

Lake Oswego

'My new year's resolution is to help get a teen rec center for West Linn youth and get more leaders to help volunteer for the community task force.'

- Julie Edwards, West Linn Community Task Force co-chair

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