(Editor's note: In this space every week a Lake Oswego Police Officer responds to questions from our readers. Please send them to reporter Cliff Newell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 503 63601281 ext 105.)

"What weapons do police officers carry at all times?"

Police officers carry a variety of weapons. At the Lake Oswego Police Department, we are issued the following items: a Jay Rodgershandgun, Taser, pepper spray, a baton and handcuffs, all of which we keep on our person. In our patrol cars we carry a patrol rifle and a less-lethal bean bag shotgun and additional equipment to protect ourselves such as a ballistic helmet. We also wear a ballistic vest, which is really the number one thing that protects us and it is mandatory that all officers wear a vest in our department. These are all common tools of our trade and pretty much standard throughout the United States. We spend countless hours learning how to properly use them should the use of force become necessary; however, we spend just as many hours learning how to not use these tools by using our number one weapon, which sits between our ears, to de-escalate the situation. What we say and how we conduct ourselves will de-escalate most situations so the items above do not have to be used.

— Officer Jay Rodgers

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