The Lake Oswego City Council voted unanimously to change two contracts related to city sustainability during Tuesday evening’s council meeting.

The first concerned the Dog Waste Clean-Up program, and the 59 waste bag dispensers located throughout the city. For the past three years, Lake Oswego has contracted with Environmental Media Group, LLC, which runs “Poo Free Parks.” Environmental Media argued that its business model to charge for advertising on dispenser posts had proved unsuccessful, and that in order to continue providing an estimated 800,000 bags — an average of 37 bags per station per day — to the area annually, it would need to charge the city just more than $21,000 a year.

The cost of the bags would otherwise come to about $32,000 a year, if the city were to purchase them outside this contract.

Under the new contract, Environmental Media will continue selling ad space on the bag dispensers.

The council agreed to the new contract terms, with Councilor Jon Gustafson calling it “nice public-private partnernship.”

The council also agreed to changes in the city’s contract with Laura Masterson at Luscher farms regarding the Community Supported Agriculture program, which allows community members to buy shares of produce grown at Luscher Farm.

The new seven-year agreement will continue supporting operations in the 12.7 acres of farmland, and will allow Masterson to make capital improvements at her own expense.

Previously, the city received $150 per farmed acre and $34 per share sold. Its record yearly income from this structure was $5,000.

Under the new agreement, Masterson will pay the city 12 percent of share revenue, which is expected to bring in about $7,800 annually.

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