This week's question for the Lake Oswego Police Department: What's your favorite memory of 2017?

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What's your favorite memory of 2017?

PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LAKE OSWEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT - Community Service Officer Dan Phillips helped to save and re-home a rooster in 2017. Napoleon is now living with Officer Karinya Moisan. "All the support shown by the community. I can't count the amount of times I had citizens offer to pay for my meal or coffee and was told, "Thank you for your service" this year. My co-workers expressed having similar experiences as well. Working in a community with such great support for the police is really a privilege."

— Officer Suzanne Wesel

"During a backpacking trip this summer, some friends and I climbed Eagle Cap at four in the morning. Once we arrived at the top of the 9,573-foot peak, we drank French-press coffee and watched the sun rise over the Wallowas. The conditions were just so perfect."

— Julia Warren, assistant to the chief

"An amazing month of traveling in Australia and Fiji. The topper was a shark scuba dive and finding cuttlefish 100 miles off the Great Barrier Reef!"

— Officer Dawn Pecoraro

"My favorite memory for the year, believe it or not, was watching the fluid and flexible approach taken by the police department when confronted with large-scale events. From winter storms to protests, the dispatchers and cops were and are never rattled. I was super proud of how everyone took things in stride and worked tirelessly to keep the community safe. When it snows, most people just want to get home and hunker down; for the cops, that frozen tundra becomes their office. Likewise, for the March 4 protest, I watched the cops wade into uncharted waters, all to keep the community safe and afloat. We've got it good here in LO, and your cops are a big part of keeping it that way!"

— Chief Don Johnson

"Following the 2017 Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony, citizens ventured into Millennium Plaza Park to continue the holiday celebration and had the opportunity there to interact with several officers and one of our K9 teams. Being a part of that #youandblue event and observing how folks talked, laughed and took photographs with officers was incredibly fun to watch. The smiles of our youngest citizens, their parents and our more 'seasoned' citizens as they met K9 Chase, climbed in a patrol car or sat on a police motorcycle was great to see.

"It is always amazing to see the breakdown in perceived barriers between police and citizens and watch everyone come together and recognize that we are all just regular people, which is why this event was one of my fondest memories of the year."

— Sergeant Clayton Simon

"Oh, so many great things happened in 2017! But I'd say catching my first Pacific winter-run Steelhead on a Spey Fly Rod stands out the most! And it was native fish, not hatchery!"

— Officer Steve Gorr

"My favorite memory of 2017 was being involved in over 100 events in the city and nothing happened at any of them as far as the police are concerned. I don't think we can get much better than having uneventful events at events such as the March 4 Trump, Fourth of July, Lake Run, Tree Lighting and Festival of the Arts, just to name a few. So I thank the men and women of the LOPD and our citizens for making events uneventful for us!"

— Lt. Doug Treat

"I really enjoyed the #youandblue event. It was nice to get out and interact with the public and just have fun."

— Sgt. James Peterson

"My favorite part of this job is when I get to be helpful, whether helping find lost pets, helping kids do their science fair projects or just helping someone with directions. This year, in addition to countless ducklings in sewer grates or crossing the road, I also got to save and re-home a rooster (Napoleon). He's now living in a comfortable free-range farm with plenty of hens to keep him busy. I also got to help a couple of Forest Hills kids with their science fair project on fingerprinting.

"The helping part of the job takes away some of the sting of writing citations and taking people to jail."

— Community Service Officer Dan Phillips

"I adopted Napoleon, the dumped rooster, this year. He's a feisty little thing and keeps us on our toes. He's now living the life of leisure with his wives Marie Louise and Josephine, and several girlfriends.

"I am also grateful for the help we were able to offer, through the Chaplain Benevolent Society, to a senior living with a space heater in her living room as her only source of heat because her heating bills were so high that she was unable to afford to heat her house. We also were able to provide nutritional assistance through the ACC and Senior Services."

— Officer Karinya Moisan

"I was coming up the stairwell one afternoon and kept hearing a rooster crowing. I was not sure where it was coming from and went back to the tasks at hand. A bit later, I was going to the first floor in the elevator and heard it again, only louder. A ride to the basement revealed a rooster in custody and not happy about it one little bit. That's the day I decided I need to retire soon.

— Evidence Officer Wendy Svaren (who will be retiring in July 2018)

"My favorite memory was working during the crazy windstorm. It was awesome to see everyone in the city work together to make Lake Oswego safe and to open up the roads quickly."

— Community Service Officer Paul Valesano

"My favorite memories from 2017 are some of the 'firsts' I got to witness with our son. First birthday, first steps, first words and every other first experience he had are memories I will never forget."

— Det. Jonithan Funkhouser

"I appreciate all the time I've been allowed to spend with our police personnel. I will cherish those quick moments of contact as you folks have faithfully carried out your daily tasks of protecting our community."

— Chaplain Emeritus Chuck Bowman

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