When it comes to fighting crime in Lake Oswego, there's no call too small for the LOPD


1/3/18 6:18 p.m. A driver was cited for careless driving after a two-car collision in the parking lot of the Safeway store on A Avenue.

1/6/18 6:03 p.m. A driver was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device after a three-car crash at State Street and A Avenue.


1/2/18 2:33 p.m. A package was taken from a porch on Siena Drive.

1/3/18 11:22 a.m. A blue-and-white Specialized men's bicycle was taken from the front porch of a home on Eighth Street.

1/3/18 11:31 a.m. A phone charger was taken from an unlocked Jeep on Delenka Lane.

1/4/18 10:356 a.m. A package was stolen from a porch on Kelok Road.

1/8/18 10:45 a.m. A package was taken from a locked parcel box on Kilchurn Avenue.

1/8/18 9:09 p.m. A debit card and an ID card were reportedly stolen from an apartment on Oakridge Road.


1/8/18 1:05 p.m. A Ford Ranger pickup reported stolen in Lake Oswego was recovered by Tigard police, who quickly alerted the vehicle's owner.


1/4/18 9:58 a.m. Checks were cashed after being stolen from a mailbox on Palisades Crest Drive.


12/22/17 10:28 a.m. More mail mishaps: A homeowner on Kelok Road found prescription medications and a check in his mailbox that didn't belong to him. Officers returned these items to their intended owner.

12/23/17 2:35 a.m. Three boys told police they would go home after a resident on Wildwood Street complained that they were talking too loudly.

12/24/17 9:29 a.m. A passerby heard an alarm sounding at a business on Jean Road and called police, but officers determined it was just a ringing phone.

12/24/17 10:15 a.m. A woman got down on the floor of the McDonalds restaurant on Boones Ferry Road and took her pants off before leaving through a back alley.

12/25/17 5:41 a.m. Police responded to the first of several reports of trees down or cars stuck on icy roads after a Christmas Eve storm dumped a wintry mix on the city. At one point, Touchstone was closed to downhill traffic between Botticelli Street and Kerr Parkway. Problems also were reported on Lakeridge Drive at South Shore Boulevard, Greentree Circle at Greentree Road, Upper Cherry Lane and Bergis Road.

12/25/17 10:55 a.m. A woman with limited mobility asked police for help when her dog got stuck in a hole in her neighbor's fence.

12/26/17 1:29 a.m. A man raised suspicions on Botticelli Street by walking very slowly into an apartment complex, but police determined that it was probably because of icy conditions in the parking lot.

12/26/17 1:08 p.m. An alarmed passerby alerted police after noticing that a contruction crew was working in an unsupported trench near Bryant Road and Upper Drive, but officers determined that it wasn't a police matter because no ordinances were being violated.

12/26/17 3:35 p.m. Uplands Drive remained icy near the intersection with Country Club Road despite the de-icer sprayed by maintenence crews, prompting a call to police. City workers said they would return at midnight to check the road again.

12/26/17 3:55 p.m. A letter addressed to "occupant" and placed in a man's mailbox contained sexually explicit photos. Police identified a suspect in the case and notified his parole officer.

12/26/17 4:14 p.m;. A bearded man wearing nothing but his underwear was spotted on the corner of Galen Street and Princeton Court, but he was gone (or fully dressed) by the time police arrived.

12/27/17 9:27 a.m. Vandals damaged a picnic table in Westlake Park, breaking a board on one of the benches.

12/27/17 1:54 p.m. A resident of Terrace Drive found footprints circling his home after neighbors told him that people had been "creeping around" on Christmas.

12/28/17 11:48 p.m. A woman requested extra police patrols after a man threatened to come over on New Year's Eve and take away "three things she loves the most."

12/29/17 8:55 a.m. A concerned mom asked for advice after her 16-year-old son brought marijuana into the house.

12/29/17 4:41 p.m. A passersby reported seeing a possible homeless camp along a walking path near Foothills Road and Oswego Pointe Drive, but police determined the mess was just the remnants of a bag of trash that animals had torn apart.

12/29/17 7:26 p.m. After a mom told police that her daughter had mistakenly been locked inside a workout facility on State Street, an employee with a key was quickly summoned to the studio and freed the girl without breaking a sweat.

12/30/17 8:21 a.m. A passerby called police after noticing that a white panel van had been idling in the parking lot of the 365 store on State Street for quite a while. Responding officers found a sleeping man inside, who told them he was on his way to Vancouver and had just stopped to rest.

12/30/17 9:09 a.m. A woman told police that she thinks her neighbor followed her to a Fred Meyer store and took pictures of her there.

12/30/17 10:34 a.m. A girl who had reportedly run away the night before was returned to the Robinswood group home on Christie Drive. Later in the day, officers returned to separate three juveniles who were reportedly fighting. No injuries were reported from the fisticuffs.

12/31/17 11:39 a.m. A man in a black hoodie raised suspicions when he stopped and bent over in the middle of traffic at Kruse Woods Drive and Meadows Road. He told responding officers that he was just looking for cigarette butts, though, and didn't want to talk to them.

12/31/17 2:27 p.m. A caller thought someone was sitting on a bench outside a restaurant on Boones Ferry Road with their pants down around their ankles, but officers determined that the britches were in their proper place; they were just a different color and fabric than the suspect's big black coat.

12/31/17 11:35 p.m. It sounded to neighbors like a mother and son were fighting in their apartment, but officers determined that the family was only watching a loud movie.

12/31/17 11:46 p.m. A 10-year-old resident of the Robinswood group home on Christie Drive was taken to Doernbecher Children's Hospital for observation after staff said he couldn't control himself and was injuring other people.

1/1/18 12:04 p.m. An Uber driver asked police to help him return a couple of cellphones that a man and woman had left in his car on New Year's Eve.

1/1/18 4:41 p.m, Someone tampered with a community mailbox on Upper Drive, a caller told police. A lot of the mail had been opened, he said, and some of the contents had been placed in the wrong slots.

1/2/18 12:34 p.m. A woman told police that her daughter had loaned an iPhone 6+ to a friend, and now the friend won't give it back.

1/2/18 1:02 p.m. Another woman told police that her daughter had received mail from Denmark, possibly with drugs inside.

1/2/18 3:01 p.m. A landlord told police that when her tenant moved out, he left behind a duffel bag labeled "LO middle school." Inside: backpacks,

six laptop computers, a video camera and a digital camera. An investigation is ongoing.

1/3/18 11:41 a.m. A mother was warned after leaving her toddler and a dog alone in a station wagon that was parked in a Monroe Parkway lot. Neither the child nor the dog was in distress.

1/3/18 2:54 p.m. Extra patrols were requested outside Oak Creek Elementary school after a motorist complained that roads were blocked by parents waiting to pick up their children.

1/3/18 3:19 p.m. Police removed a dead peacock from a yard near the intersection of Bonaire Avenue and West Sunset Drive.

1/3/18 4:52 p.m. A man who donated a car to Oregon Public Broadcasting last year told police he is now getting parking tickets sent to him, even though the DMV no longer lists him as the owner.

1/5/18 2:19 p.m. The owner of a firearm reported stolen in 2016 told police he had found the gun and asked that it be removed from the list of missing weapons.

1/6/18 7:55 a.m. When the leader of a robotics club couldn't get into Uplands Elementary as arranged, he called police. Officers helped connect the team with school district officials, who suggested other options.

1/6/18 9:15 a.m. A walker found a black Trek bicycle worth $500 on a trail in Waluga Park and turned it over to police. When the bike was reported stolen later in the day, officers were able to return it to its very relieved owner.

1/6/18 9:30 a.m. A resident of Chapin Way asked for extra police patrols to deal with a newspaper carrier who drives through the neighborhood every morning between 5-6:30 a.m. in an older Honda Civic with an especally loud exhaust.

1/6/18 10:27 a.m. A barefoot man sitting outside an A Avenue bake shop raised concerns when he suddenly began dispensing information about the weather.

1/6/18 1:04 p.m. A resident who had been reported missing from the Robinswood group home on Christie Drive returned to the facility without incident.

1/7/18 5:07 a.m. Firefighters responding to reports of flames near condos under construction at Fourth Street and B Avenue found blue plastic melted to the sidewalk after quickly extinguishing the blaze, leading them to believe that someone had ignited a portable toilet. The condos themselves were about 20 feet away and never in danger.

1/8/18 4:13 p.m. A 10-year-old child agreed to write an apology letter and the youth's parents promised to work out an agreement with the owner of a boat who said two kids set off a fire extinguisher on the vessel and damaged its upholstery. In addition to writing the letter, the youngster vowed to work off the damages and pay back the boat's owner.

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