by: SUBMITTED PHOTO -  This tree on Hemlock Street could be cut down, and Lake Oswego resident Ann Lackey is not happy.The following is an open letter to the city of Lake Oswego:

Re. Lake Oswego tree permit No. 499-13-01019 at Hemlock Street between Hallinan and Worthington streets, I object to the removal of this beautiful ornamental tree which graces the front of the house because:

1) It’s a photographer’s dream, i.e., with the limbs outspread from the yard and house.

2) There is no issue of disease.

3) It is an old and superbly structured tree that signifies what the Hallinan neighborhood represents.

4) The buyers chose to buy this house with the tree as the focal point.

5) Any issue of roots was managed with a new sewage connection.

6) Beauty preserved is beauty maintained.

7) As Lake Oswegans, we have committed ourselves to the tree designation.

8) As homeowners and a city dedicated to architectural/landscape integrity, we have to accept some responsibilities in keeping the neighborhood aesthetically enjoyable for all.

Re. Lake Oswego tree permits No. 499-13-00586 and No. 499-13-00796 at C and Ninth streets, I object to the removal of six and/or eight trees from this significant corner lot because:

1) The Doug firs on this lot are a dramatic grove/group that stands out for all to note. As one proceeds back and forth on C street, you can’t help noticing how they grace the sky and provide a landmark for the walker, the visitor and all.

2) We cannot afford to let developers plop their plans over trees that can’t be replaced in our lifetime.

3) These firs are more than a generation old and represent the First Addition characteristic charm.

4) It is our responsibility to preserve them for ourselves and our children.

5) Tree removal money in city coffers doesn’t cut it.

6) The signage was insufficient for all to see, since the first one was posted on C and I don’t walk (on) C. Finally, signage was posted on Ninth. I walk the First Addition on weekends and saw it.

7) Consideration needs to be given to the significance of this lot’s location and the barrenness such actions would provide.

8) The elegance and grandeur of these trees can never be compensated for by the building of houses.

9) Build with the trees. That’s how the property was purchased.

Ann Lackey is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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