Support offered for Kevin Robertson

We are pleased to support Kevin Robertson for the Lake Oswego School Board.

Kevin and his family were our neighbors when we moved to this community nine years ago, and we have seen firsthand his willingness to give generously of his time, talent and treasure to others, and, specifically, to the Lake Oswego public schools.

With his dedication to the LOSD Foundation and the formation of the endowment fund, his proven years of experience in financial management, and his involvement with his daughters’ education at the elementary, junior high and high school levels, Kevin is uniquely qualified to handle the ongoing budget challenges that our district is facing.

Kevin’s wife, Pamela, has been a dedicated volunteer in their daughters’ classrooms and schools, serving enthusiastically on the PTA, on auction committees and with the LOSD Foundation. Both Kevin and Pamela have shown leadership and discernment in advocating for our children, for our schools and, ultimately, for our community.

We trust Kevin to work diligently on the school board, and to use wisdom, creativity, thoughtfulness and compassion in making sound decisions for our schools. Please join us in voting for Kevin Robertson for school board.

George and Diane Vlaisavich

Lake Oswego

‘Have we been suckered’ on LOT agreement?

The advanced water treatment facilities planned for the Lake Oswego-Tigard water plant are state of the art. A high rate clarification process will remove sediment and algae. Next, ozone treatment will remove undesirable taste- and odor-causing compounds, pathogens, algal toxins, disinfection by-products, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. And finally, filtration will remove the remaining particles and impurities.

Wouldn’t these safe drinking water parameters also make the virtually unlimited water from the Willamette River (and wells along the river) drinkable year-round? If so, this would allow us to locate the water treatment plant within the city limits of Lake Oswego and save the $9 million tunneling cost of another river crossing from the Clackamas River source, plus more funds for piping water through West Linn, and the $5 million fee for inconveniencing West Linn residents.

Presently, Lake Oswego needs additional water from the new river crossing only to satisfy peak demand for a few summer days. In contrast, Tigard plans to replace its principal water source with this alternate water source. Lake Oswego justifies the huge costs and skyrocketing water rates of the partnership with Tigard by postulating a huge growth in water demand in the future. This projection requires a belief that the population of Lake Oswego will experience a large, continuing increase, which is predicated on a much denser population in a much faster-growing metropolitan area. Have we been suckered into a very costly, one-sided agreement?

William Barbat

Lake Oswego

Column’s key points missed the mark

In (his column in) the March 21 edition, Mikel Kelly, the Pamplin Media Group associate editor, excoriated his auto insurance company for increasing his insurance premium after an accident (that) he admitted was his fault. In his comments he referred to the insurance companies to be as “expensive, as worthless and as cowardly as banks,” etc.

Two principles come to mind: 1) that they apparently paid the claim, saving him about $4,000 and 2) he didn’t mention whether or not he shopped for a better rate at other insurers (there are more than 300 auto insurers licensed in Oregon).

As part of making his case about evil big businesses, Mr. Kelly also made the statement that oil companies “always report profits of something like 9,000 percent. Every year.” 9,000 percent of what? Sales? In 2012, Exxon made approximately 9.5 percent on sales. Chevron was at about 4.5 percent. A company among the highest returns was Apple at roughly 27.5 percent! Maybe 9,000 percent of their net worth? I could find thousands of venture capitalists to invest in such a business in no time.

He then goes on to say that if the principles of government support of such industries were applied to his business (i.e., the newspaper), “then, like the insurance industry, we’d have a guaranteed income stream ...” Not quite the same because if I don’t take a newspaper it won’t affect anyone else’s well-being. Unlike damaging their car or their person.

Mr. Kelly, you substantially ruined your case by revealing your ignorance of basic economics. I suggest you take a couple of courses in the discipline.

Bill Eaton

Lake Oswego

Re-elect Wendland to the school board

As a fellow LOJ and LOHS alumnus and a fellow parent of children who have successfully progressed through our superb Lake Oswego schools, I strongly endorse John Wendland’s re-election to the Lake Oswego School Board.

I have known John for almost 40 years, and for all of these years I have found John to be a man of integrity, thoughtfulness, consensus-building, creativity and business acumen. Regardless of the situation, John is one to put community and family first.

Over these past four years I have been impressed that John, as a school board member and chair, has been a strong advocate for our community, schools and students in these times of unprecedented challenges. John has been a leader in making some very tough decisions. And as unpopular and unsettling as some of these decisions have been, I believe that his leadership in this discernment make him irreplaceable in leading us through these next four years as we select and orient a new superintendent, continue to deal with our funding challenges and continue to make Lake Oswego a desirable community to raise and educate our children.

Please join me in electing John Wendland to another term on our school board.

Troy Schmit

Lake Oswego

Support Sarah Howell for school board

I am a lifelong resident who strongly endorses Sarah Howell’s candidacy for Position 2 on the Lake Oswego School Board because she has the proven capabilities and experience to guide our school district through the next four challenging years.

Sarah is a foundation board member now serving in her third year. She has regularly attended and participated in school board meetings for the last five years. I am impressed by her foresight, analysis, command of issues and excellent working relationships. She is an outstanding representative of this generation’s informed parents who deserve the opportunity to manage the assets and shape the educational future of their students, just as previous generations have done.

Sarah uniquely bridges our school district and community, having been recognized as a Lake Oswego 2013 Unsung Hero.

Because we share that honor, I know that the thousands of volunteer hours required are testimony to her work ethic. She will apply the same effort to stretching dollars and strengthening schools.

She welcomes your questions, concerns and ideas at Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

Audrey Mattison

Lake Oswego

Keep our schools exceptional — elect John Wendland

Exceptional leaders build exceptional school districts. With two sons who have spent seven years in Lake Oswego schools and currently attend Stanford, we know that our circumstances might have been quite different without a fearless leadership, a gifted staff and a wonderful community.

It is our privilege to support John Wendland for the school board. In times of great uncertainty and financial hardship, John has shown outstanding leadership. He is unafraid to take hard decisions that are not always popular, but are always right for our schools and ultimately for students and their families.

Above all, John is a champion of our gifted and exceptional staff, always looking to find the best solutions for them within endless constraints. With all the changes planned for the next few years, continuity in the leadership of the school district is imperative. We need John’s vision, dedication and unsurpassed loyalty to preserve the culture so special to Lake Oswego and to maintain an exceptional environment for our children.

We urge the community to re-elect John Wendland to the school board.

Mitu and Varun Bhargava

Lake Oswego

Wendland brings a good mix to the school board

The Lake Oswego School District needs John Wendland. John brings leadership, dedication and experience to the Lake Oswego School Board.

As current chair of the school board, John was able to reconfigure facilities while maintaining, and even adding to, school programming.

There are still many challenges ahead for our school district including the selection of a new superintendent. We need John’s experience and solid leadership going forward to tackle these issues.

His passion, ability to listen and high expectations are key attributes that make him an essential member of the board.

Please vote for John Wendland, Lake Oswego School Board Position three.

Martin and Jamie Dana

Lake Oswego

Delaney is the right school board choice

I am a Lake Oswego parent of four children in grades one through three and I support Karen Delaney for Lake Oswego School District School Board Position 3. Karen brings the important perspective of the entire education spectrum having children in elementary school through high school. This is a crucial viewpoint that the current board members are obviously lacking. Karen understands that the issues of concern in our district need to be addressed by reviewing more than just one avenue. The importance of having an advocate for all levels of education is critical. Preserving the low teacher-student ratio and parity of course offerings at the high schools are intricate situations that call for someone with Karen’s thorough understanding of the fiscal as well as logistical components.

The frustration caused over school closures and consolidation decisions should speak loudly enough for the need for someone with Karen’s experience and commitment. Please join me in voting for Karen Delaney for LO School Board Position 3.

Michele Arluna

Lake Oswego

Wendland gets our vote for school board

We enthusiastically endorse John Wendland for re-election to the Lake Oswego School Board. John is our good friend of many years, who is a man of outstanding character. John’s integrity, passion for our community and strong work ethic will continue to provide Lake Oswego schools with vital board leadership.

Our belief is this election is not about a single issue. Rather, school issues are remarkably complex and multifaceted with widely ranging opinions regarding process and solutions.

With his broad perspective of business skills, community service and school board experience, John’s knowledge is critical as the schools undertake a superintendent succession process, along with strategically working through continued school funding issues. Because he deeply cares, diligently studies and deliberately works through sensitive topics with the full range of stakeholders, John provides seasoned leadership during these critical years.

We encourage support for John Wendland for Lake Oswego schools.

Diane and Alan Shiffer

Lake Oswego

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