As a 12-year Lake Oswego school system parent, I’ve attended a lot of meetings and made a lot of suggestions. Some have been accepted, some have not, but there has been a process to maintain excellence and analyze the cost/benefit of a public education that serves all students. Liz Hartman

In order to bring what I have learned closer to the decision-making process, I have filed for Position 4 of the Lake Oswego School Board. I want to help move the district forward. The district will be making key decisions including hiring a new superintendent and balancing enrollment, course offerings, student experiences and technology within our limited financial resources. These are the key challenges, which I believe I have relevant experience to help.

In addition to financial restrictions, I believe we need to consider scientific research on best education practices for a developing child. We may not always be able to incorporate those practices at our schools, but we must include that data in our decision-making process.

My priorities are for continued successful student outcomes. We will try to improve on a 95 percent graduation rate and encourage more than 92 percent of graduating seniors to seek higher education.

One of the secrets of the success of the Lake Oswego School District is our community. We are an educated community. We value education. We historically have voted for a local option to provide extra school budget money beyond the state of Oregon allocation and both parents and community members have donated to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation.

We have a parent community who volunteer in the classroom beginning in kindergarten so that students begin their education with a well-managed classroom. Parents volunteer throughout their child’s years to help coaches, teachers and directors enrich student lives with extra-curricular activities.

We are a district that uses resources for students transferring in to bring those students up to speed when they come from a district that has not had the same preparation. We have parents who fill in the gaps with programs like art literacy and payments to parent club auctions and fundraisers for playground equipment, computers and classroom enhancements.

In my 12 years as a parent and volunteer for Lake Oswego schools, I have donated money and time. I have served as a parent club president twice (currently at Lakeridge Pacer Parent Club), chaired two auctions, helped with numerous school fundraisers, and worked on and contributed to the foundation. I am serving as the captain of this year’s Foundation Phonathon and school efforts to raise a minimum of $1.5 million for teachers (

In addition to my work with schools, I am active in our community. I have served as chair of the Glenmorrie Neighborhood Association and attended nearly all the neighborhood chair meetings over the past four years. I am currently serving on the Comprehensive Plan citizen’s advisory committee — planning for the next 25 years of Lake Oswego. I look forward to incorporating the knowledge I’ve gained to help make decisions for Lake Oswego schools that impact students today and plan for tomorrow’s students.

Liz Hartman, Lake Oswego, is an unopposed candidate for Lake Oswego School Board Position 4 in the upcoming May 21 special election.

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