‘Reasonable minds can differ’ over candidates

I was one of the many people who received the email from LOHS coach Steve Coury (recently in which he states, “I am a big fan of Dr. Korach, and I see no reason to support candidates who are disrespectful of his contributions to our schools.”

While I, too, believe that Dr. Korach is a gifted superintendent who’s made many valuable contributions over the years, I’m alarmed that expressing a contrary point of view in LO politics is now deemed “disrespectful.” Has a cult of personality taken hold in which Dr. Korach’s every decision is beyond reproach? Dr. Korach is talented, not infallible.

If coach Coury supports Mr. Wendland or Mr. Robertson because he agrees with their positions, then I fully support him in that decision. Reasonable minds can differ, however, and opposing a candidate just because he or she has the audacity to question the status quo is hurtful to both the deliberative process and the long-term health of our community and schools.

It’s crucial that our school board members ask the hard, sometimes uncomfortable questions. Uncritical acceptance of any leader, however talented, does a terrible disservice to our children and our community.

Tim Morris

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘is that rare leader’

On rare occasions Lake Oswego has an opportunity to elect a leader who will make a real difference. Today that person is school board candidate Sarah Howell. Now more than ever, our district requires board members who acknowledge the need for both educational insight and fiscal stability.

Howell is uniquely qualified. As an elementary school parent, she offers a perspective currently not seen on the board and she will be personally vested in this district for many more years. Through her continuous research and active involvement, she is familiar with the best practices in education that are relevant to 2013 and cost-neutral solutions for our district.

Howell’s experience is firsthand, and she is prepared to take a seat on the board she has personally participated with through five years of meetings.

Our city has always put education first and our school district has an excellent reputation to show for that, but it can’t rely on past achievements in this changing world. Keep education first by electing Sarah Howell. She is that rare leader.

Mary Ann Kunkel

Lake Oswego

Robertson is the right choice for school board

There is no better choice for Lake Oswego School Board than Kevin Robertson.

Through my 32 years teaching in the schools, I find it hard to identify another individual as dedicated to the present and future success of the school district. I consider myself fortunate to have taught both of Kevin’s daughters while in Lake Oswego schools. Both daughters are positive examples of partnership between Kevin’s parental involvement and the schools.

Kevin never missed a conference and attended and volunteered at school functions. Watching Kevin’s increased involvement and leadership with the LOSD Foundation, eventually serving as president, only convinced me more of his dedication to the community of Lake Oswego. At a foundation luncheon during his presidency, Kevin spoke compassionately of accepting nothing less than excellence and dedication in our schools. Kevin’s experience in the financial industry has given him a keen sense of the relationship between our tax dollars and the fiscal responsibility that comes with it. Although I am sure there are many individuals that would serve our district, I can’t think of anyone more suited for the school board than Kevin Robertson. He has earned our support.

Ken Wharton


Energetic Howell is worth supporting

I support Sarah Howell for Lake Oswego School Board. She is an incredibly energetic and enthusiastic supporter of the schools.

As a member of the Hallinan SAC, the Super SAC and the Consolidation Committee, I have had a very close view of the operations of the school district and especially the school board.

The board is dominated by parents of high school students who have no focus on the elementary and middle schools. Sarah grasps the importance of the involvement of the elementary parents with the decisions on the board because it is the board who decided to delay maintenance on the elementary school buildings and focus on the high school remodeling fiasco. Money that was allocated to the elementary schools was redirected to the high schools.

Anyone with a young family visiting the district is slapped in the face with very poorly maintained, run-down schools. Decisions that the board have made over the last four years have been predicated on declining populations of elementary students.

Yet, we do not make the effort to attract young families? Change in this district is slow, and Sarah has the energy and enthusiasm to see it through.

Ben Connelly

Lake Oswego

PAC is supporting John Wendland

Keep Lake Oswego Great is supporting John Wendland for election as school board chairman. During a time when the district faces a possible $3 million shortfall and is drawing down its reserves over the next three years, we need the continuity and experience of John Wendland as school board chairman.

I know John personally as a business owner, a parent and community volunteer. He brings valuable experience to the board and has the best interests of the school district at heart. The school board will soon be choosing a new superintendent to lead the school district. This is the time to have our most experienced team on board to make that selection, which is so important to the Lake Oswego School District and to our community.

I strongly urge you to vote for John Wendland, Position 3, as chairman, a continuing member of our school board.

Rob LeChevallier

Chairman, Keep Lake Oswego Great PAC

Lake Oswego Howell for innovative,

accountable leadership 

We have known Sarah Howell since before our boys entered elementary school three years ago. We have been consistently impressed by her insight, perseverance and dedication to improving our schools. Sarah’s leadership and vision in driving the Lake Oswego School District to adopt a language immersion program clearly demonstrates that she will innovate and build consensus to the benefit of our students.  

Why is it that although our elementary schools comprise nearly half of the student population, they have no direct representation on the school board? As a parent of elementary school children, Sarah Howell has the long-term vision and commitment to enable informed decision-making applicable to all grades, to benefit all of our students. Like us, Sarah is committed to Lake Oswego schools for the long term and recognizes that our children’s future is inextricably linked to the strength of the city’s schools. 

Sarah Howell will bring a fresh and valuable perspective in recruiting our next superintendent, creating a marketing strategy for our district, and developing a master plan to give our families educational certainty and fiscal accountability. Sarah is dedicated to our schools and to giving our students the best possible educational experience. It is for these reasons and more that we are happy to endorse Sarah Howell for Lake Oswego School Board.  

Chris and Jackie Clee

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘will explore best practices’ to aid schools

I grew up in Lake Oswego and we chose to raise children here. We love this city and its schools. It’s crucial that we elect progressive people to our school board.

I am voting for Sarah Howell. A regular participant at school board meetings, Sarah chairs marketing for the school foundation board, volunteers on SAC and in the classroom.

For five years, Sarah has led the effort to add languages for all our students. The school board has begun the program at the elementary level, but Sarah believes, as do researchers, that having language immersion available at every level provides a competitive advantage.

It’s imperative to have representation of the elementary level on the school board. Sarah has two elementary students and is the kind of person I want on our school board. She will explore best practices to make our schools better.

Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

Karen McLaughlin

Lake Oswego

John Wendland is the smart choice

I’m thinking back over the last few years about decisions the LOSD board has made for our students. The most significant among them was the closing of some schools, which was a painful but necessary one. It had to be agonizing for each member of the board. I greatly respect the courage they had in making that decision. Chief among them is John Wendland who served as chairman of the school board during that time.

Many nearby school districts didn’t have the foresight to consider multiple solutions like ours did as early as 2008 when it was clear the economy would have a significant impact. Many lost teachers and assistants due to their reactionary layoffs late in the process, rather than become more efficient with their facilities earlier, like we did. We were able to maintain the single most important resource we have, our teachers. John played a thoughtful and active role in working through that decision.

As we go forward, the next big decision to make is with the selection of Dr. Korach’s successor. Again, John is at the forefront of that process. We should re-elect John in his position on the board to continue his great work!

Michael Zimmerman

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘will offer a fresh perspective’

When it comes to my boys’ education, I expect and hope for the best. Having spent two years as PTO president of our elementary school, I have long appreciated the commitment our parents make on behalf of all of our children. Today, I am feeling extra thankful for Sarah Howell. Sarah is a mom to three children who will be enrolled in the Lake Oswego School District for the next 15 years. 

Sarah Howell will offer a fresh perspective that will help carry our district for many years to come. We need a willingness to listen to new ideas. We need a school board member who will value each of our children as individuals, seeing the intricate parts of the greater whole. Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell for Position 2 of the Lake Oswego School Board.

Kerry Hinrichs

Former Forest Hills PTO co-president

Lake Oswego

Kevin Robertson gets our votes

It is our privilege to support Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board, Position 2.

Kevin is a proven leader. In his involvement with the LOSD Foundation, most recently as president, Kevin played a critical role in establishing the foundation’s endowment fund so that our schools will have stable funding beyond state and other contributions.

Complimenting Kevin’s leadership is that he’s a successful businessman, avid volunteer, dedicated husband and father and genuinely nice person. With children who have attended Lake Oswego schools from kindergarten to high school, Kevin has extensive experience at all levels of our schools and understands key issues facing our district. Kevin’s background in financial management, combined with his knowledge of school funding challenges, gives Kevin a unique perspective to lead our district forward in a manner that balances innovative programming and excellence with fiscal responsibility.

Marilyn and Adam Sims

Lake Oswego

Re-elect Wendland to school board

As a former school board member who cares deeply about Lake Oswego, I ask you to join me in voting to re-elect John Wendland. Our community is about to vote on school board members who will be making major decisions that will impact Lake Oswego for years to come. Choosing a school board consisting of members with strong, mature, experienced financial backgrounds, with deep community roots that bring an understanding of what makes Lake Oswego so special are called for.

School Board Chair John Wendland is a proven leader who is running for re-election and I fully endorse him. He has helped guide us through the painful and difficult school consolidation process while maintaining a strategic focus for the future of the district as a whole. The district still needs to close the budget gap and select and transition a new superintendent. John’s collaborative and results-oriented style will get us through these challenges as well.

Let us not forget that high expectations, hard work and a no compromises academic focus for all, are the qualities that have brought us to where we are today: a school district which is the envy of the state. Please join me in voting for John Wendland.

Rich Akerman

Former Lake Oswego School Board member

Lake Oswego

Put Howell on the school board

I’m voting for Sarah Howell for LOSD School Board because Sarah will work hard to provide cost neutral innovation and expansion of STEAM science, technology, engineering, arts and math as well as world languages in all of our schools.

Sarah has researched successful college prep school districts to find proven best practices that allow those schools to increase student success on tighter budgets.  Sarah is proactive in seeking perspectives and priorities from all of our community members. Sarah is smart, experienced and hard working and invested in the future success of our district. Sarah is a proven school district advocate who will ensure that LOSD doesn’t just survive but thrives.

Join me in voting Sarah Howell for LOSD School Board.

Sally Moncrieff

Former Lake Oswego city councilor

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘is a constant in Lake Oswego’

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I met Sarah Howell because she is a constant in Lake Oswego. Even when her daughter, Romy, was just an infant, I would always run into her during local events.

Before her first child, Charlie, hit kindergarten, Sarah was constantly researching ways to better our programs. She and her husband also teach my daughter in Sunday school. They have the kindest hearts and want the best for our children’s future.

At a gathering Sarah missed, an email arrived from her about a school board meeting. We all smiled because her son, Ethan, was born shortly after — she was working from her hospital bed.

As your school board member, Sarah will proactively listen and learn from you. We have a wealth of expertise in this community and an opportunity to engage to keep our schools strong.

Please visit and to learn more.

Lanie Mai-Kelly, LPM

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘represents the change we desperately need’

I’m proud to support Sarah Howell for Lake Oswego School Board.

Sarah represents the change we desperately need right now. She helped kickstart our schools’ new language immersion program — giving our children a better chance at success in the worldwide economy.  Sarah is also a member of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation and has attended nearly 100 school board meetings — meaning she has the experience to hit the ground running.

We can trust her to spend our tax dollars wisely, cutting waste and ensuring every penny goes to the classroom where it belongs. Most importantly, Sarah is an elementary school parent — a voice not represented on our school board and one we desperately need as our schools attempt to attract more young families to our community. 

Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell, an experienced leader who will bring the right kind of change to our local schools.

Ben Patinkin

Lake Oswego

Wendland ‘helps provide the leadership we need’

I’d like to encourage Lake Oswego voters to return John Wendland to the Lake Oswego School Board. If you walk into Lake Oswego High, you’ll see his youthful photo from his year as student body president. He continued his devotion by sending his two daughters through Lake Oswego schools, and has stayed involved while they are in college. He has insight the school community needs.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with John on school-related issues, and watched him gather facts and numbers rather than surrender to emotion. His thoughtful and calm manner has helped the board as it has faced shrinking budgets and closing schools.

With continuing budget challenges and the need to replace our superintendent, Lake Oswego needs an eye on the future, but with a firm grounding in the past. Re-electing John Wendland helps provide the leadership we need.

Teresa Luce Spangler

Lake Oswego

Ironic that Hammerstad lectured city council

I was shocked at the blatant hypocrisy of former Mayor Judie Hammerstad at the city council meeting April 16. She sanctimoniously lectured our current mayor and city council on transparency and open public process.  She asked them to include citizens in their decision making.

This from the woman who, behind closed doors, with no public input, burdened the citizens of Lake Oswego with the Safeco property, now known as the West End Building. This has been the single most divisive action in recent LO history. It gets worse. To pull off this high-handed usurpation of public process her council (including former Mayor Hoffman) “suspended” a city financial policy. Lastly, when challenged, the reason given for these actions was our need for a community center at that location, again a rationale not vetted by public process.  

For many citizens, her council’s secretive methods and profligacy with our tax dollars awakened the need for their involvement in city governance. How unfortunate for Judie and her (supporters) that this broader citizen involvement has moved our city away from the ideals of her leftist oligarchy. And, how ironic to have Judie lecture our new city council on public process. Unbelievable.

Richard Olson

Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: Former Lake Oswego Mayor Judie Hammerstad, responds: “The initial public process regarding the West End Building included two very well-attended meetings at both the high schools with outstanding support for the project. We followed that with the appointment of a steering committee that met for months ending in a report to the council. This was followed by two ballot measures that were developed through the public process and that allowed the public to vote on keeping the building, which they did. All financial arrangements were consistent with the financial requirements and our AAA bond rating.

“I am very proud of the council’s many accomplishments while I was fortunate to be mayor. We couldn’t have done it without the involvement and support of our community.”

We should be thanking Hammerstad

At last week’s city council meeting, LOCAL Director and former City Councilor Mary Olson criticized the appearance of (former) Mayor Judie Hammerstad to testify as a citizen of Lake Oswego.

Apparently, according to Ms. Olson, Judie should be ashamed of her eight-year record as mayor. I’d like to set the record straight about the many improvements to our community under Judie’s leadership. Here is a partial list:

Lake View Village. The farmers market. Adoption of the Lake Grove Village Plan. AAA bond ratings and awards every year for budget and audits; a balanced budget with long-term health. Arts development including the Arts Council and the Gallery Without Walls. The LO Reads program. Open space acquisitions in the Stafford area, Iron Mountain, Tryon Cove and Lily Bay. Parks development including Foothills Park, Hazelia Field and dog parks, improvements at George Rogers Park with its Iron Furnace restoration (plan and funding approved, completion in 2009). Establishment of the 50+ Advisory Committee. Adoption of the sustainability plan and creation of the sustainability advisory board. Adoption of the clean streams plan and the community and urban forestry plan. And, yes, the purchase of the West End Building, which Lake Oswegans have heard so much about and which they voted to retain for the city’s future.

With all due respect, we should be thanking her. Actually, very many of us do.

Emogene Waggoner

Lake Oswego

Howell is ‘a fresh and innovative leader’

To attract new students to Lake Oswego, we must be aware of our competition: private schools and nearby college prep districts. Our district may need to introduce new programs that families looking for the best possible education for their students want. In the upcoming school board election, Sarah Howell is the candidate who can rise to this challenge.

Working closely with Sarah on the marketing program for the LO Schools Foundation Board, she consistently delivered creative yet practical solutions and followed them through to completion. Her strong marketing and communications expertise will be a huge asset to the Lake Oswego School Board. She has introduced new ways to reach people through social media and special events, and approaches all challenges with abundant positive energy.

Please join me in voting for Sarah Howell, a fresh and innovative leader who will work hard to strengthen all of our Lake Oswego schools, and in turn, our community and property values. 

Patti and Joe Mertz

Lake Oswego

Robertson generates confidence

As a couple, we both graduated from the Lake Oswego schools, one from Lakeridge, the other from LOHS. We chose to have our grade-school children attend Lake Oswego schools.

We enthusiastically support Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board. Kevin is a proven leader in our community. We appreciate his work on the foundation, raising money for the benefit of all district students and for helping establish the endowment fund. 

We like the positive tone Kevin has taken. The slogan on his website says, “All Students, All Schools, One District.” This strikes just the right note. We need our school board to make careful decisions with limited dollars that best benefit all students in district.

After closing three elementary schools, it is important we focus on making every school in district the best it can be, so our whole district remains exceptional. We strongly desire a united community that continues to honor Lake Oswego’s tradition of coming together to support our schools. In looking over the broad, extensive list of endorsements on Kevin Robertson’s website, it is clear that we are not the only ones who have confidence in him.

Please vote for Kevin.

Kent and Kjersten Darcy

Lake Oswego

Wendland deserves to stay on board

Our family has known John Wendland for more than 40 years. John is a faithful individual, with character and integrity. He cares deeply for the quality of education in our community.

As past president of the school district’s foundation, with four kids attending LO schools, I understand the complexities of our district and the need for stable and reasoned leadership. As a fellow business executive, I understand the value that John’s management experience has on his effectiveness as a leader.

Leaders face tough challenges, requiring difficult decisions. Good leaders seek input, listen and consider all that has been presented. John has demonstrated this skill consistently through his tenure on the school board. He represents all schools and students with no special interests or hidden agendas. It is important we maintain leadership continuity as we transition in our new superintendent.

Please join me in re-electing John to our school board.

Mike Cook

Past president of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation

Lake Oswego

Wendland is the right choice

John Wendland is running for the Lake Oswego Board on his four year record and experience on the board, not on speculation of how he might act, as is the case of the other candidates.

When the newly constituted board first meets, John will have had as much experience on the board as the other four members combined.

This will be particularly important as the board discharges its most important duty — choosing the next superintendent. Almost as important, will be mentoring the new superintendent in performing future duties. For our children’s sake, we must get this hire right.

Another important reason to re-elect John is his willingness and ability to lead in facing the challenges ahead of our school system. Balancing priorities, while staying true to the values of, especially, parents and teachers, will require considerable skill and judgment.

While right-sizing the budget is very difficult, John has the experience and wisdom to effectively address budget and other challenges. Leading his company from 14 to 31 employees in 10 years is certainly an indication of management and leadership prowess.

Please join us in voting for John Wendland for the school board.

Don and Gerri Tisdel

Lake Oswego

League concerned about Clackamas County process

The recent process used by the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners to replace the county administrator is of great concern to the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County. While we might understand the desire of newly elected officials to hire their own people, we disapprove of the lack of transparency and disregard for Oregon’s public meetings law in this instance.

The League “believes that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation at all levels of government. The League further believes that governmental bodies must protect the citizen’s right to know by giving adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings and making public records accessible.”

For the future, we urge our county commissioners to be fully aware of the laws governing public meetings, to understand why these laws are in place and to act in accordance with their provisions.

Luana Luther

Lake Oswego

President, League of Women Voters of Clackamas County

Robertson is a ‘positive and proactive force’

Thank you Kevin Robertson for your willingness to run for school board.

At a time when a vocal few in our city have become increasingly negative, we are so glad that there are still fine citizens like Kevin Robertson who are willing to run for public office.

Kevin will be a positive and proactive force on the school board. We trust his ability to be a critical and independent thinker. He is the kind of person who takes the time to check facts and respond to citizen’s concerns. He is interested in being engaged in resolving issues in a positive and productive manner with the goal of achieving the best outcome for all. He is thorough in his examination of facts and prudent in his decision making.

This is the kind of leadership we need on the school board. Kevin has an impressive professional and volunteer background that will equip him well to make wise decisions that benefit all students. Vote to keep our school district exceptional.

Vote for a positive Lake Oswego. Vote for Kevin Robertson. 

Robert and Kelly Looney

Lake Oswego

Wendland: ‘intelligent, gentle and compassionate’

John Wendland has been a treasured friend of ours for the past 10 years.

The Wendlands always seem to be the family that hosts the team gatherings or the varied groups of kids who love spending time with them. John and his wife, Lisa, are passionate about children, and we know they want to give the children of Lake Oswego the best educational experience possible.

We have observed John in numerous situations and know him to be intelligent, gentle and compassionate. He exemplifies a collaborative approach to leadership and has a strong vision for the continued success of our school system.

Please join us in re-electing John Wendland to the Lake Oswego School Board.

Rolf and Luann Sohlberg

Lake Oswego

Make it clear that we support Robertson, Wendland

While we appreciate being noted in (Deborah Lopardo’s) letter as “tremendous advocates for the schools and children” here in Lake Oswego, we are concerned that Deborah’s letter implies our endorsement of her candidate.

Rich (Akerman) and I want to be clear that our support for the school board goes to Kevin Robertson and John Wendland.

Suzie Halberg

Former Lake Oswego School Board member

Lake Oswego

Return Wendland to the school board

Our family has always exercised our right and responsibility to vote, but this is our first letter to the Lake Oswego Review.

We feel strongly that it is in the best interest of our community to return John Wendland to a second term on the Lake Oswego School Board. He has served with distinction as board president during a challenging time for our schools. The selection of a new superintendant and the financial issues that we face are two fundamental reasons that we need John’s continued leadership.

John is sincere and intelligent and an advocate for all students. His school board experience will be invaluable during this critical time for our district.

Please join us in voting for John Wendland.

Jill and Dave Mertens

Lake Oswego

Robertson brings the right background for board

In the coming months, the Lake Oswego School Board faces challenging financial decisions for our district and is additionally tasked with selecting a new superintendent. We have been blessed to have Dr. Korach as superintendent for so many years. His ability to communicate a vision and motivate others to work together and embrace his vision is rare. We may have taken his leadership for granted.

This May, in order to protect the strong educational environment that we value and guide the vision of new educational leadership, we need to elect individuals to the school board who are proven leaders.

Kevin Robertson brings strong business acumen and strategic financial planning expertise to the school board. Kevin is a solid person with high expectations. He is open minded, practical and fair, yet firm when matters of consequence are at stake.

We have known Kevin for many years, from our time at the University of Oregon to our years in this community raising our families. We know that Kevin will act in the best interest of our children and the community as a school board member.

Please join us in supporting Kevin Robertson for the Lake Oswego School Board.

Mark and Becky Warner

Lake Oswego

Playboy photographer story didn’t belong in Review

Sad to see the recent Lake Oswego Review article on “Hef’s Helper,” the former Playboy photographer.

It is unfortunate to see a profession such as his, which has assisted in the ruin of many lives, portrayed as laudable. In addition, the photograph of scantily clad women was unacceptable for a family publication in a family-oriented community.

Cliff Breedlove

Lake Oswego

We endorse Kevin Robertson for school board

We have known Kevin Robertson for more than 25 years and have seen his integrity, perspective and dedication to many worthy community endeavors.

Kevin’s breadth of knowledge and experience in the school district give him a broad view gained only by having “been there.”

Kevin has a junior and freshman in high school. Both he and his wife, Pam Robertson, have spent countless hours volunteering for the district — grade school, junior high and high school. It is valuable for a school board member to have an understanding of the unique needs of each grade level in school.

Kevin is currently board chairman of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation after successfully serving many years on the board and helping with the vision and inception of the endowment fund.

Robertson wants to be a voice for all students in Lake Oswego schools.

Kevin Robertson has our vote.

Lorri and LO City Councilor Mike Kehoe

Lake Oswego

Howell will bring the ‘best ideas home to’ LO

When I raised my children in Lake Oswego schools, our district was widely admired for its breadth of programs and quality of students. Our district is still very good but in these days of diminishing state funding we must work hard to seek out the best programs and still spend our money wisely.

In the election of school board position 2 I am supporting Sarah Howell. She is not content to let our district become complacent. Sarah is extremely proactive, comparing the quality and variety of programs in our district with others across the region and around the world. She will bring the best ideas home to Lake Oswego.

Sarah will also keep an eye on the bottom line and make sure that families outside of Lake Oswego learn about our great district. We must add young families with children in order to thrive. This is true financially because more students means more state funds, but also in the vigor that a strong school systems brings to our community.

Sarah Howell will bring the energy, the ideas and the dedication to our school board when we need it most. Please join me in voting for her on May 21.

Norma Jean Germond

Lake Oswego

Wendland seeks ‘highest, best outcomes’

I am endorsing John Wendland for re-election to the Lake Oswego School Board because of his successful track record.

He is financially responsible and an excellent problem solver. He is a man of integrity and strong family values. When LO had to close some schools due to budget cuts, he handled the situation with grace and wisdom. 

His approach to decision making balances concerns of all parents with what is best for all our schools, while taking into account the overall good of the community. Above all, John’s objective is always student-centric - always seeking the highest and best outcomes for all students to succeed.

Let’s keep our schools strong - please join me in supporting John.

Chaz Scarbrough

Lake Oswego

Howell gets our support for school board

As parents of a 1-year-old, we are personally interested in the future of the Lake Oswego School District.

That’s why we are supporting Sarah Howell for school board. Sarah exemplifies the commitment, passion and selflessness we seek in school district leaders. As a mother of young children, Sarah has a personal stake in the long-term impact of decisions that the board will be making now. Sarah can give a voice to families of elementary school students and children not yet in school, like ours.

We are privileged to live in a community that has maintained a strong commitment to its schools, even during difficult economic times. Sarah will help make sure that our schools remain exceptional for decades to come.

Please join us in electing Sarah Howell for Lake Oswego School Board, Position 2. Visit or to learn more.

Lauren and (Oregon Rep.) Chris Garrett

Lake Oswego

Robertson is deservingof your vote

Please join me in voting for Kevin Robertson for the Lake Oswego School Board.

Kevin’s outstanding character, experience, leadership and dedication to our schools are testaments to the fact that he will be an effective, fair and committed school board member.

Further, Kevin will represent the needs and best interests of our entire school district, and he has a wonderful sense of community. His dedication to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation, especially the endowment fund, show that he has a tremendous vision of long term stability and excellence for our school community.

Kerry Griffin

Lake Oswego

High-density zoning ‘totally out of character’

Upper Drive between Bryant and the west end at Boones Ferry Road is proposed for rezoning from single family R7, 500 to townhomes R2, 500. This section of Lake Grove was zoned by Clackamas County about or before 1950 as Bryant Acres.

Most of the lots were 1 acre; some have been subdivided, but remain R7, 500. There are no cross streets. Subsequently this section of Upper Drive is a cohesive neighborhood of its own. Some neighbors have lived here more than 50 years, and shared the trials and tribulations of their families and kids, including grandparents.

They invested their time, money and labor to make a wholesome and attractive neighborhood of Lake Oswego for single families. The proposal to insert high-density zoning is totally out of character with the community. Three single-family homes are currently under construction here. Two more could be added instead of the four townhomes proposed.

The Lake Oswego planning report of March 1 contains nine letters opposing this proposal. Others have come in since. Opposition was voiced by residents at the deferred planning commission meeting April 8 a busy tax time for working people. The planning commission plans to take this matter up again (very soon).

If the motivation for high-density zoning is to make Oswego like the rest of metro, you could be next.

Ed and Janice Gehrig

Lake Oswego

Immigration reform bill ‘is a good start’

The bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill that was introduced (last) week gives me hope. Hope that lawmakers from both parties can come together to pass a commonsense immigration process and find a solution for undocumented immigrants, businesses, families and indeed for all of America.

Is the bill the Senate Gang of Eight put forward everything we wanted?

No. But it is a good start on the path toward legislation that will fix our current patchwork of mismanaged and broken immigration laws, which tear families apart and hurts American businesses. As an immigration attorney I know firsthand the positive effects a bill like this could have for the people and businesses in our community.

This is just the start of the process, and many obstacles will crop up to impede progress in the coming weeks and months. However, in the midst of unprecedented public support for immigration reform and the need to see meaningful change to address our economic and societal needs, we need to stand together, overcome any obstacles and see real immigration reform done.

John J. Marandas

Chair, Oregon chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, which is in Lake Oswego

Robertson has earned this endorsement

It is with no hesitation I lend my support to Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board, Position 2.

Kevin has a solid track record of effective community service. He has a unique perspective and understanding of all the Lake Oswego schools. Kevin has developed this understanding by successfully guiding the LOSD Foundation as a board member and then president. In these difficult economic times, a school board candidate with decades of financial and management experience is exactly what the school district needs, Kevin is that candidate.

I’ve been close friends with Kevin for more than 35 years, so it was no surprise to see that he elected to stay positive and remain focused on the kids and issues rather than resort to negative campaign tactics as some in the community have done recently. I’m concerned that other good, qualified candidates faced with campaign costs and an increasingly negative climate may hesitate to step forward for these volunteer positions — that would be a tragedy. There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.

Kevin Robertson has a deep passion and commitment to maintain the high standards of the LOSD.

Please join me in his support, a vote for Kevin Robertson is a vote for all the kids.

Tom Louris

Lake Oswego

How about some bike racks at Albertsons and Safeway?

This simple step would allow shoppers to use cycling as an alternative to cars. There are ample areas. It is likely the merchants would be agreeable if it was presented to them as a simple approach to increase the availability of bike-friendly shopping amenities. Please look into this as it is simple yet effective way to reduce congestion. There are many off-the-shelf systems. We could probably get money from Metro.

Daily exercise can be very beneficial to health. We have a lot of people here who frequent these store for a few items.

I recently cycled to the store and had to tie up my bike on the shopping cart rack at the Albertsons on State Street. Not a great plan as that might make the access difficult for a handicapped shopper.

Please consider an actionable plan to encourage more cycling and shopping user interface. There are corporate managers at both these chains that would work with the city. They are trying to be more sustainable. Please engage with them.

It is a catch 22 — if it isn’t practical and no one sees other cyclists it doesn’t happen. When the city evaluated transit demand patterns a few years ago it was established that here are many daily trips — short commuter rides within the city, kids and adults alike that people might enjoy.

I was surprised that at this time there are not already bike racks. Are there any being planned? Please advise.

Kate Miller

Lake Oswego

Act now or hold your nose

A simple fact can be derived from the DEQ public hearing on the proposed S&H Logging composting facility in Stafford held on April 16. The process itself will certainly fail us unless we act.

Regardless of the good efforts and intentions of DEQ staff, they lack concrete guidelines to gauge the merits of permit. As such, approval with a list of conditions is the most likely outcome.

The regulations weakly call for “all reasonable measures” to mitigate environmental risk. DEQ relies on the composting operator to design such measures, and will make their best guess as to the sufficiency of the plan. There is no “tested and proven” methodology here.

Even worse, DEQ has no viable mechanisms to remedy a bad situation when it occurs. Just ask the residents of North Plains for evidence on this point.

The results of any permit regardless of conditions will be disastrous.

Some days will truly stink. Despite advances in composting technology, you can bet on it. Recess, soccer or any nearby outdoor activity will be misery.

More critically, schools and churches in too close proximity serve sensitive populations who face severe health threats from high concentrations of airborne bacteria and molds. A single bad event is one too many for someone with immune deficiency or asthma, and yet we’re expected to rely on a “best guess” methodology ensure their safety? While participation in the public hearings in large numbers as was the case April 16 is helpful, we should accept that input into a flawed process is unlikely to achieve a satisfactory result. We must therefore actively advocate through every possible channel if we hope for a positive outcome. Contact your government representatives, DEQ and Metro, and let them know your concerns about the inappropriate location of this facility.

Brian Eastman

West Linn

Use caution (and telephone) before digging in the yard

Spring is in the air, and gardeners in our beautiful part of the country will soon roll up their sleeves to get started on long-awaited yard work.

If that work includes digging, NW Natural wants to remind you to call 8-1-1 — the Utility Notification Center — to locate underground gas and other underground utility lines.

This is a free service, and it’s not only a smart thing to do to help prevent damage: It’s the law. Once you call, a technician will visit the property within two business days to locate your gas and utility lines.

If a gas line has been accidentally damaged, remember these tips: Smell. Go. Let us know. If you smell rotten eggs or hear a hissing sound, immediately leave the area on foot and then call NW Natural’s 24-hour emergency line at 800-882-3377.

Be safe this spring, and be sure to call before you dig.

Scott Gallegos

NW Natural compliance supervisor

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