With the ballots counted this week, Lake Oswego closes the book on another hotly contested school board race.

To many outsiders, it may seem amusing that a community can get so riled up over a school board election. But this isn’t just any community — this is Lake Oswego.

People care deeply about what happens in our town and especially in our schools, which is why these contests sometimes seem to be on the same scale as a presidential race.

The end of an election offers some time to step back and put things in perspective.

Our hope is that everyone can set personal feelings aside after this election, pledge to support the school board and promise to put their best effort toward supporting the process instead of derailing it.

This board has a lot of heavy lifting to do to make sure Lake Oswego schools remain among the best in the state, and possibly even in the nation.

When Superintendent Bill Korach leaves after a quarter-century at the district’s helm, finding someone to keep us on this path will not be easy.

And while the district foundation has offered some relief from the funding crisis plaguing schools across the state, with foundation director Mary Puskas’ retirement this year, another leadership void will need to be filled.

This is why we need to come together as a community to support the school board and our children.

For too long, some have continued to wallow in perceived discrepancies between Lake Oswego and Lakeridge high schools. This distraction only helps to continue to polarize our community. When district officials must answer question after question pertaining to this or that conspiracy theory, no one wins. Valuable time is lost, and donations stop coming in to the foundation.

Lake Oswego residents should be too smart to stoop to this level. We should all understand we already have significant issues to deal with, and we shouldn’t make them worse by letting distractions deviate us from our ultimate goal — the best education possible for our children.

With a new school board now coming into place, let’s all offer the support board members need to move this community forward and do what’s in the best interest of children.

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