A few questions for us to ponder

Regarding National Day of Prayer (Review, May 9) and the reader’s letter “People of faith reference viewed as insulting” (Review, May 16):

Just wondering ... is faith (i.e., a belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence), a dependable way to know our natural world?

Are superstition, revelation, hoping and wishing trustworthy means of negotiating in this life?

Do people of faith have a higher morality than people who use more reliable processes to seek truth?

Do we really want to spend our precious moments on this earth fighting over personal, subjective beliefs rather than working toward the prosperity of all beings? 

Linda Graybeal

Lake Oswego

‘The kids are alright’

Kudos to Coach Jacobs, Coach Johnson and the entire staff of the Lake Oswego Junior High School track program for fostering such an inclusive and supportive environment. It’s inspiring to see how accepting and encouraging these kids are. Children of all abilities are welcomed as teammates, with the more accomplished athletes cheering on their peers who may struggle.

Katy Howell deserves special recognition as she’ll routinely finish her race (usually first) and then return to the track to run in with our special needs daughter.

Pete Townshend had it right when he penned, “The kids are alright!”

Michael and Raquel Rich

Lake Oswego

What benefit is city support of private business?

There is discussion regarding the development of the Wizer block whereby the developers are seeking some $5 million in assistance from the city for the project.

Some two or three years ago, if I recall correctly, the city through the LO Redevelopment Agency granted the owner of the (Lake Twin) movie theater some $500,000 for renovation of the movie house.

Included in the renovation was a food service area and an adjacent patio.

I believe the Review article stated that, in return, the non-theater-going citizens of Lake Oswego could use the patio when the theater food service was closed.

I would be very appreciative if a city official would write an op-ed for the Review explaining the legal basis that provides for giving public (taxpayers’) money to private businesses and the benefits that accrue to LO taxpayers. Such city official might investigate how other building projects in LO were developed and built without public funds.

Joe Stern

Lake Oswego

Move forward on new tennis center

I see the city council has again delayed hearing the report on the traffic study regarding the new tennis center. What do tennis players have to do to get the council to move forward on this project? Almost 20 percent of the Lake Oswego citizens are struggling with the limitations of the current facility, and the city of Lake Oswego is the laughing stock of the Portland metropolitan area tennis players with its inadequate indoor tennis courts.

We are willing to pay court fees that will pay off bonds and the building and operation of the new facility will not be a burden to the taxpayers. So why is the new city council putting this on the back burner?

I am respectfully making a public plea to the mayor and city councilors to take action that will allow the parks and recreation department to proceed on this project.

Margaret Anderson

Lake Oswego

Sponsors promise next year’s Lake Run will be better

The Lake Oswego Women’s Club would like to thank all of our sponsors, participants and volunteers who supported the 2013 Lake Run.

We were blessed with a beautiful day, and there was much to enjoy at the event. Over the last few years, the Lake Run, like most things, has had to struggle with the economic downturn. For the 2013 race, the committee endeavored to provide a great experience for everyone, but also tried to provide it in a more cost-effective way so that we could continue to provide the much-needed support to our charity organizations.

We realize that changing so many things did not go smoothly and that the experience for our participants was not of the caliber for which we strive. Please rest assured that we have taken full note of every comment we have received and are working diligently to make sure that next year’s “Return to the Lake” — Lake Run 2014 will be the best ever.

We hope that you will join us for that event and that you can help us make it truly the best Lake Run ever.  Without you, this community event and the sponsorship it provides to worthy causes would not be possible. 

Thank you, once more, for your ongoing support.  Next year we intend to prove that we deserve it. Mark your calendars for May 10, 2014, for the 38th annual Lake Run and Family Fun Festival.

Lisa Rainer

Vice president 2012-2013

Lake Oswego Women’s Club

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