‘Thanks to Gene Wizer for taking on the challenge’

It appears likely that redevelopment of the Wizer block will be the next big thing in downtown Lake Oswego. The potential for this block is truly phenomenal. The proposed mixed-use project will provide the critical mass needed to make downtown Lake Oswego a true shopping destination. In addition, introducing apartments at the very core of downtown will further stimulate business, promote energetic street life, reduce dependency on the car and give the city’s tax-base a tremendous boost.

Many will say that a development of this size is out of scale with Lake Oswego. I disagree.

A well-designed project, which uses the art of the architect, can be larger than its neighbors and still fit in with the overall community. Although we are a growing city, this long-awaited project can still deliver the village feel we all cherish. New sidewalk cafes and shops in addition to a big infusion of pedestrians will move downtown a long way toward realizing its high livability potential. Providing a more urban lifestyle will help attract youth back to Lake Oswego as well as offer our empty nesters an option to downsize. New downtown mixed-use development will help our neighborhoods maintain their residential stature and hopefully open up neighborhood homes for new families.

I have shopped at Wizers since I was 8, some 54 years ago, and I would be lying if I said I won’t miss this Lake Oswego institution and its great people. But I am also excited about the re-energized vibe a new mixed-use project will bring. Change can be hard but this change will help keep Lake Oswego the great city we all love. Thanks to Gene Wizer for taking on the challenge and seeing this vision for the future.

Bruce Brown

Lake Oswego

Redevelopment yes, but not this way

The following is an open letter to the Lake Oswego City Council:

We attended the public presentation featuring the redevelopment plans for Wizer's (block 137). The initial concepts presented are diametrically opposite to the look and feel of other redeveloped buildings such as Lake View Village, Banner Bank, Bank of the West, the condominiums flanking Wizer's and the recent Second Street improvements.

We believe the Wizer block needs to be redeveloped but the architectural proposal does not respond to the context and look of everything LO has done during the past decade to rebrand itself as having a charming village-like atmosphere.

As many expressed at the meeting, the proposed apartment building is institutional looking, vastly too large — 60 feet tall, boring and repetitious. This slab-sided building does nothing to enhance the heart of downtown Lake Oswego.

In addition, the proposal for 217 small apartments will add unnecessary traffic and congestion as new renters constantly move in and out of their apartments. 

Philip and Leslie Pirrotta

Lake Oswego

How about adding food bank barrels to concerts?

For the first time, in a long time, I went to one of Lake Oswego's free concerts.

It was a perfect night with great friends and great music. I want to thank Lake Oswego (and my fellow taxpayers) for this extraordinary amenity.

I would like to suggest to the city that they contact the Oregon Food Bank and ask them to simply provide, and pick up, a food barrel. I am certain every person who attended last Wednesday would have been happy to throw a can of food in the barrel.

Thanks again, LO.

Lynn Guzie

Lake Oswego

Lions thank community for pancake breakfast support

We of the Lake Oswego Lions Club would like to take the opportunity to thank the Lake Oswego community at large for all of its support of our 64th annual pancake breakfast (on the Fourth of July).

There are a few people who deserve a big Lion thank you:

The Lakeridge baseball team, CCI, West Linn Lions, Oregon City Lions, Beaverton Lions, Portland Downtown Lions, the various Starbucks in the Lake Oswego area, Wizer’s, Glenmore Farms and Alpenrose.

Lion Sally Ford

Lion Jan Scott

Lake Oswego

You can’t value firemen and want to reduce PERS benefits

"We value your service more than we can ever express," it states in (the Lake Oswego Review editorial on July 25). 

Really? Then why so quick to reduce their PERS retirement benefits? Yes, they are public servants just like teachers, law enforcement officers, city employees, the guy driving the snowplow on Mt. Hood on Christmas Day and so we have decided to reduce their pensions. Some "thank you!"

David Russell

Lake Oswego

City urged to remove ‘tiers’ from water bill

This is an open letter to the Lake Oswego City Council:

Recently I read that our water bills will have tiers, and we will be charged accordingly. I am a single 73-year-old female, living alone. Yes, I do love my garden and water accordingly (my lot is less than average in size).

However, I wash clothes, maybe three times every two weeks, wash dishes by hand because it would take a very long time to fill my dishwasher and take short showers.

My water usage was 15 (which is) "one" less whatever, keeping me in the first tier, barely. (Tier one is 0-16.) That is a disgrace to the water district that the only way one can stay in the first tier is to be single.

The people in Lake Oswego are furious about the huge sewer bill, and now we are penalized by using water. I believe it would be to the advantage to the city to have the "tiers" removed from the water bill.

Carol Fuller

Lake Oswego

Your support helped CCC gain legislative funding

I’d like to thank our communities for their continued support during this past legislative session. The result of our collective efforts was an increase in the Community College Support Fund for the first time in five years. While funding still remains at 2005 levels, the tide has at least turned. In addition, we have secured $16 million in matching funds for two capital construction projects supporting job creation and learning innovation for our district.

The community responded to our call for support in a variety of ways, by writing letters and making phone calls to our legislators or testifying before key committees. Our students played an important role as well, taking time out of their demanding schedules to travel to Salem and meet personally with our legislators. Each voice made a difference in telling the community college story.

Clackamas Community College legislators delivered on their promise to our district for education and job development support. I want to personally thank the members of CCC’s legislative delegation, along with the entire Legislature for demonstrating their belief in community colleges. Our legislators understand the critical role community colleges play in meeting job training and educational goals in our district.

The results of the modest increase in operational funding helps CCC as we expand student access and completion by delivering the first two years of a four-year degree and technical education leading to family-wage jobs. The capital matching funds dedicate $8 million toward facility improvements at the Harmony Community Campus and $8 million for advanced industrial education at the Oregon City campus.

Thank you again for your support.

President Joanne Truesdell

Clackamas Community College


Fires have changed history,

Devouring vital records

And office managers.

Everything has a flashpoint.

Today a fire threatens Sparks.

The weather girl says it’s 20 percent contained

And spoke of poppy fields burning

With uncontained passion.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Forget your breathing machine? There’s help

Attention those people who use CPAP and Bi-PAP machines. (I know there are a lot of you.)

If you ever find yourself in need of your machine because you're eight hours away from home (perhaps on a trip to Yellowstone) and realize you forgot your machine, don't worry, there is a wonderful company out there by the name of Norco.

This company (Meridian location) sent their wonderful rep, Ben, to our hotel at 11 p.m. with another machine, mask and preset settings just as mine. Insurance was billed directly and we borrowed the machine for the next nine days. Upon our return to Oregon we called Norco again and another wonderful rep out of Baker City met with us at a truck stop to return the machine.

I can't say enough of this company.

We were brokenhearted when I remembered I forgot my machine and were absolutely sure we'd be turning around for home (no machine - can't breathe).

I found it is rare to find the kind of service that this company and their representatives displayed.

Please write down their name and keep it in your vehicle so that when and if this happens to you, you will be as blessed as me and my family.

Sandra Susee


Contract Publishing

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