When the Common Core article appeared in the Review on Aug. 8, I was horrified.

Do Lake Oswego parents know what this is really about? It is a takeover of your children’s education from preschool throughout their lives. It is a change in focus from education to indoctrination of our children. The process involves using your children for a data bank, asking all kinds of personal questions about your family, sexual orientation, finances, etc. These will be permanent files for the rest of their lives.

Though there are safeguards, the records can be disclosed to other agencies under a list of exceptions. The students will be told what classes to take, and “they” will decide what career your child will have rather than the child deciding themselves on what they would like to do as a career.

As described in the Review article, Common Core is a “near-nationwide change to curriculum and standardized testing.” We have previously seen attempts by the federal government to apply one educational application uniformly across the nation fail because all states, all schools and all children are fundamentally different. Can you seriously believe one program is going to work the same in Lake Oswego, as it will in Detroit?

My husband and I attended an excellent meeting organized by the Oregon 912 Project, which invited Chana Cox, retired Lewis and Clark faculty; (Lake Oswego City Councilor) Karen Bowerman, dean emeritus from a college of business and therefore concerned about the teaching of math; and Jennifer Gallegos, a young mother who has her own concerns about Common Core. The school board was invited to attend but not one person came representing Lake Oswego schools.

People, whoever they are and wherever they come from, are coming into our schools to teach the local teachers how to teach this Common Core “focus on informational nonfiction” rather than the basics. Who are they? Who is paying for it? Why are our school leaders (Donna) Atherton, (Cindy) Schubert and (Rollin) Dickinson, as well as Linda Brown, past board member and member of the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission, for it? Do they really understand about Common Core?

If teachers don’t want to teach this new way of education, their only option will be to leave public schools. This is not a choice thing. Don’t you wonder who these people are that are coming in our schools and why the principals are allowing them? When has Common Core ever been fully explained to parents?

Once states find out the truth about Common Core, they are tending to reject it. There is a great video on how Atlanta, Ga. got rid of Common Core from its schools. There is plenty of truthful information on Common Core available.

Lake Oswego teachers need to speak out. How can you trust LO schools if they are going along with this? There are many questions to be answered before proceeding with this federally sponsored project. We cannot blindly accept a program that will channel our children into lives not of their choosing and without their parents’ input. Why are Lake Oswego schools embarking on a theoretical, untested, unproven program with associated costs (though subsidized to an extent by those with ulterior motives) when we have continued concerns about funding these same schools?

Gale Gipson is a resident of Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: Donna Atherton, Linda Brown, Rollin Dickinson and Cindy Schubert offered expertise on Common Core State Standards but did not serve as advocates for the curriculum change. Common Core is a multi-state initiative, not an initiative of the federal government. The government has helped fund it.)

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