This week, Lake Oswego students are returning to school. They are arriving on foot, by bike, by car and by bus. With the frenzy of the new school year, new routines and new routes, their arrivals can be chaotic, unpredictable and sometimes unsafe.

For the adults, we ask you all to be ever alert on your daily commutes and keep your eyes open for children and keep your speed in check. You never know when a child is going to step off a curb, make a dash across the street or simply not pay attention to traffic signals due to distractions.

For the kids, we also want to remind you to play it safe this school year. First Student has many good tips for staying safe whether walking, carpooling or taking the bus. We hope parents share this advice with their students.

For walkers:

Wherever possible, cross streets where there are traffic signals and designated crosswalks.

Make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them,

Always walk on sidewalks.

Always look left, right and left again before crossing the street.

Be aware of cars that are turning or backing up.

Never run out into the street or cross between parked cars or buses.

Do not walk, talk and text.

Do not cross or walk in the street while using an electronic device.

Do not wear headphones while walking.

Be aware of your surroundings.

For car riders:

Always wear your seat belt.

Never share a seat belt.

Don’t yell or jump around, it can distract the driver.

Children 12 and younger should ride in the backseat.

Toddlers should be placed in a forward-facing car seat until the harness no longer fits.

Use a booster seat with the lap and should seat belts until the child reaches the weight and height harness strap limits of the car seat.

For bus riders:

Beware of moving traffic getting to the bus stop.

Leave plenty of time to get to the bus stop.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Don’t wear a hood as it makes it more difficult to hear and see traffic.

Stay a safe distance from the street and don’t play around while waiting for the bus.

Stay 10 giant steps away from the outside of the bus while the bus is pulling up so the driver can see you.

Wait for the bus to stop completely before you move toward it to get on or before you stand up to get off.

Be cautious of clothing or backpacks with drawstrings, toggles or key chains that can get caught on the bus handrails and doors.

Hold the handrail going up and down the stairwell so you don’t trip.

Find a seat and sit down as soon as you’re on the bus.

Be courteous and respectful to your driver. Listen to directions.

Don’t put you head, arms, papers or anything out the window.

Don’t pick up anything you drop near the bus. The driver may not see you. Instead, ask the driver for help.

Wait to cross the street until the driver lets you know it’s OK.

Stay away from the bus wheels at all time — the driver cannot see you.

If your parent meets you at the bus stop, make sure he or she waits on the same side of the street where you will be dropped off so you won’t have to cross the street.