Many reasons to support the school levy

Please join us in voting yes this November for the renewal of the Lake Oswego School District levy.

Your yes vote would maintain the existing school levy; it is not a tax increase over the current level. As the parents of a Lake Oswego High School student, we moved here so our son would have the opportunity to attend public schools with an outstanding reputation, reasonable class sizes and a curriculum that is built around a solid college prep foundation. Our school district cannot maintain its current level of achievement without the levy renewal, which represents about 10 percent of its current operating budget.

As homeowners, we are voting yes because we believe a solid school district is also critical to maintaining strong housing values. As residents, we are voting yes because we believe that strong schools add to the livability and economic vitality of our city.

Karen and Jim Stewart

Lake Oswego

Early Friends of LO Library invited to event

In the spring of 1953, a small group of people interested in libraries got together to paint the walls of the Lake Oswego Library. This was not a huge task as the library at that time consisted of one room in city hall.

Over the next 60 years the Friends of Lake Oswego Public Library have been working together to support our library. From the early movie and popcorn nights at the library to publishing and selling a cookbook in the 1970s to the past eight years of sponsoring the popular LO Reads, members of the Friends have helped raise money for the library. For the past 22 years, the Friends have operated their used bookstore, The Booktique, with the generous help from the community, which has donated and purchased the books. Thanks to you in 2007 we reached $1 million and are now more than halfway to $2 million.

In celebration of our 60 years, there will be a reception at the Lake Oswego Public Library on Tuesday, Oct. 1, from 6 to 7 p.m. This is just prior to the First Tuesday Music Series featuring Sally Harmon. The public is welcome and we would especially welcome any present or former members of the Friends. If you were a member in the early years of the Friends or know someone who was, we would love to see you at the reception.

Help us celebrate 60 years of support for our wonderful library.

Terry Huber

President, Friends of Lake Oswego Public Library

Lake Oswego

‘Healthy schools are the backbone of a healthy community’

Twenty-five years ago we moved to Lake Oswego specifically to get into a better school district. We now have eight grandchildren in Lake Oswego schools. Through my business, I meet many new families who are relocating to our city for the same reason we did.

Schools in a community are a reflection of people who live there. Lake Oswego has built a reputation for excellent schools and that has taken time, talent, dollars and support from people like all of us. If you do not have children in our schools, take time to visit. Go to a concert or play, visit a classroom, see a ballgame or soccer match or visit an art exhibit to see the excellent programs that our kids enjoy. We have a strong district and our support now is as important as it ever has been.

I urge you to support the school levy renewal. Remember, this is not a tax increase, only a renewal. We support our schools with our time, our donations and our taxes because we believe healthy schools are the backbone of a healthy community. Please join our family in voting yes on the school levy.

Ronda Divers

Lake Oswego

What’s the next step for Portland’s homeless?

Right 2 Dream Too is a complex and necessary situation for the whole Metro region to discuss and find resolution to. The camp had to move, and the protest is valid.

But the move is temporary and we need to discuss what happens when the year is up. And the people of the Pearl directly benefited from the area’s homeless problem declining the property rates so the Pearl development could become possible.

Instead of spending money and time on a lawsuit they should champion the cause of the homeless and find a permanent solution. Moving the population is just moving the problem, not finding a solution. Compassion must return to the American consciousness.

Jeremiah Johnson


Contract Publishing

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