The following is an open letter to the Lake Oswego City Council:

Please keep the West End Building and consider: 

  • World class library and media center — we, as a community, support knowledge and education, and our library system should reflect that. Having a world class library near the entrance of our city, as opposed to having the likes of a cookie cutter hotel and all that brings (just take a look at the blotter lately) will be a strong statement about our commitment to community and education. 
  • Tennis courts — our community appreciates the benefits of physical activity and tennis is a part of that for a portion of citizens. 
  • Disc golf — a sport that is getting popular with young adults, encourages community interaction and is easy to learn and play for all skill levels. And startup costs are very minimal. 
  • West end Wednesday farmers market — even throughout the recession, farmers markets were thriving. They continue to do so as people learn more and more about the importance of good nutrition. A weekday market could draw shoppers from the area that are employed but not necessarily living here, but would now be spending their hard-earned food dollars locally. And don’t forget that market farmers are small-business owners in our state. 
  • Community gardens — for the homeowners in the area on small lots who would like to share the benefits of gardening and local food production with their families. 
  • Food preservation facility — to preserve the bounty from either the market or the community gardens. There is a large portion of our community who are food preservationists and it would be a great benefit to have a local facility.
  • I would also like to see the Carman Drive historic home preserved. This great community was founded by hard-working, creative folks with imagination for a great future. We should preserve that history. There is very little of it left.
  • Allow a honeybee swarm catch box and hive installation at Luscher Farm. A group of ladies in the Lakeridge 2013 class wanted to do an installation for a senior community project to share the wonderful world of pollinators and their benefits to our food chain. They were denied. If you can’t have a beehive on a farm for heaven’s sake, where can you have one?
  • Best of luck in the new year.

    Patricia O’Brien is a resident of Lake Oswego and submitted her opinions at the request of the Lake Oswego City Council, which asked residents to share ideas in advance of its goal-setting session.

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