I had been hoping the recent winter storm might have taken care of some of the issues I am worried about, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. I am hoping the Lake Oswego Review will investigate my concern. How is the city of LO planning on dealing with the issue of the dangerous tree overgrowth? Truly, most of the trees along the roadways are almost laughable if they weren’t so ridiculous!

Photographing the grossly “trimmed,” leaning trees and writing a story about what the heck is going on would be very helpful. Most nice days, I enjoy a walk along the shores of the lake, down South Shore and along Lakeview boulevards. My sister and I have noticed at times PGE or other companies coming through and “trimming” some of the trees, but what you are left with are very lopsided trees, covered with ivy and/or moss, and leaning dangerously over the roads, electrical wires, cars and homes.

The city of LO makes it so expensive and difficult for homeowners to trim and remove trees from their own property because of all of the permits, etc., and if the city didn’t make it such an ordeal, maybe some of these giant, leaning, limb hanging, ivy-covered trees could be taken care of by homeowners. But what the heck is the deal with continuing to pay companies year after year to come through and trim, when what needs to happen is for a lot of these big, old trees to be taken down.

It makes no sense financially to keep spending that money every year.

Can you imagine what will happen to our city when eventually a big ice storm comes and those limbs come down on the wires or completely over the roads? The expense and danger for Lake Oswego citizens seems to be huge. What am I missing? Don’t get me wrong, I love trees, but Lake Oswego has way too many, and they are too old and too dangerous! Drive around yourself! It’s crazy!

Megan Patton is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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