Give to the foundation’s campaign, endowment fund

The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation annual campaign is in full swing, with the goal of raising $2 million to fund Lake Oswego teacher’s salaries.

Each year 95 percent of the dollars that LOSF raises is transferred to the district in late spring to cover teachers’ salaries in the following school year, with the remaining 5 percent retained to cover fundraising costs.

Last year these contributions supported the salaries of (more than) 20 teachers. All schools benefit. In the elementary schools, these funds lower class size, and at the junior high and high school level these funds support special programing.

My youngest child will be off to college in 2015, and I am grateful for the extraordinary education she has received in Lake Oswego. After that, my husband and I hope to continue to support LOSF, but will direct our contributions to the LOSF Endowment instead of the annual campaign.

Our contribution will be invested with Oregon Community Foundation and the earnings, between 4 to 5 percent, will come back every year to the annual campaign-forever. Already the endowment has so grown in size that it is the largest contributor each year to the annual campaign. The existence of the endowment reflects the concern that public funds will never entirely suffice to deliver the high quality education that Lake Oswegans demand.

So even if you do not have children in our schools, please consider a contribution to the LOSF annual campaign, or, if you want your gift to deliver for many decades, the LOSF Endowment.

Linda Ganzini

Past president of the Lake Oswego School Foundation

Lake Oswego

Meek supported for county clerk’s position

I am withdrawing my candidacy for the office of Clackamas County clerk in the primary election.

My reasons are straightforward: I am endorsing the candidacy of Mark Meek, a very capable businessman, community leader and fellow veteran.

I have known him for several years and am confident he will do a superb job.

Of those remaining in the race, Mark is the superior candidate.

He is smart, knowledgeable, manages a detail-oriented business and is known for his integrity and hard work.

Mark’s 20 years in the community and related public service are above reproach.

He is the best person for the job.

Cyndi Lewis-Wolfram


Eating right

I’m sitting in New Seasons Market

Consuming a whole-grain muffin

Made for the health-minded

By the Steep Sheep Bakery

In Oxnard, California.

A sticky ingredient label includes

“Phosphates and turbinate sugar”

Which grow in abundance, I assume,

In the fields around Oxnard.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

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