For 28 years, the visionary Lake Oswego Schools Foundation has benefited our children, our schools and our community.

In the simplest of ways, our investment in the LOSF is much like the investments we make in the stock market and real estate. Over the long term, we expect a return on investment (ROI).

My role as an asset management consultant provides me with the opportunity to investigate the physical assets of public utility districts, city and county agencies and commercial business. Once I have a better understanding of these fixed-cost investment, calculating best-case scenarios to enhance or extend their lifespan is determined based on the assets age, condition and value.

What I have found over the years is that organizations that commit to long-term planning and budgeting are most likely to have an asset system that has a sustainable ROI. This plan is always defendable to decision makers in management, the political and ultimately the clients they serve.

So this leads me to why I’m writing this letter to the Lake Oswego Review. The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation has proved consistently that a well-managed school foundation can produce an ROI for present and future success within our community and its school district. The mission of the LOSF is “To sustain the tradition of outstanding schools in Lake Oswego.”

The LOSF Board of Directors is made up of your neighbors and friends and staffed by volunteers that see the benefit of having a well-funded and nationally recognized school district for what it is — an asset to our community. As a matter of fact, Family Circle Magazine named Lake Oswego one of the top 10 “Best Towns for Families.”

Of the $1.7 million expected to be raised this year, approximately 95 percent of money raised goes to fund teaching positions. The foundation dollars pay for 20 teaching positions this school year spread across all schools and grades K-12. The funds sustain small class sizes at the elementary level and provide each child with more instructional time every day.

LOSF dollars provide additional academic opportunities at the middle school and high school level. My family is doing its part to support the LOSF and LOSD as we see it as the surest way to guarantee our ROI for living in this wonderful city. Invest in Success!

Marcus Glass, Lake Oswego, is an asset management consultant.

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