Why aren’t you joining the Relay for Life?

Why not? What is your reason for not coming to the Relay For Life of Lake Oswego, which will benefit the American Cancer Society on July 12-13 at Lake Oswego High School? No one invited you?

Consider yourself cordially invited by me. Our committee of volunteers works year-round to produce a top-quality event for the Lake Oswego community. Please come and share some time with friends and family, celebrate with survivors, remember those in your life who lost their battle with cancer and fight back against the disease.

You will find activities, entertainment, great food, a silent auction, Teslas to drive, laps to walk, a 5K to run and, most of all, a chance to make a difference.

I can pretty much guarantee you will find someone you know walking along the track. Come participate in this amazing event — don’t let cancer win. Purchase a luminaria in honor or memory of your loved ones; they will be available onsite for a $5 donation. Let’s finish this fight as a community.

To make a donation or to register a team or survivor, go to

Rhonda Cohen

Lake Oswego

Please help support

foster families

I’d like to introduce you to a fairly new nonprofit that serves foster families in the city of Portland and surrounding suburbs. The organization was started by a woman named Allie Roth; her vision was to equip foster parents with the clothing and supplies they need free of charge and create a beautiful, honoring experience. Thus, “With Love,” was born.

Clothing and baby material donations began in her own home in Lake Oswego; soon they began taking over every space in her home! In March 2014, “With Love” relocated to Tigard. This new space allows for new volunteers and better organization. Now we have our offices in Lake Oswego and a warehouse in Tigard.

Currently, “With Love” serves children 0-5 years of age, giving away quality clothing and items to foster parents free of charge. Volunteers of all ages clean, sort and bundle the clothing, which is then distributed at “Foster Parent Night Out” at local churches.

The name “With Love” was adopted in order to convey the special relationship between the volunteer and the cause. The operation runs completely on volunteers and the vision is that people can honor a loss, a memory or a person by giving of their time and energy. With love, they choose to serve in order to keep the memory of another alive.

Foster parents are unrecognized heroes in our towns and cities, and “With Love” is an organization that is striving to support those who selflessly give to others on a daily basis. Imagine what society could be with more of this type of love and care for one another.

I urge you to take a closer look at this amazing organization and contact Allie Roth to learn more about all they are doing for the community. The website is

Tabatha Colson


A simple solution to the Wizer problem

It seems to me that Gene Wizer’s financial expectations are so great that a huge project has to be built to meet his financial objectives. A smaller overall project would mean a lower financial return. I believe Mr. Wizer, as a longtime community citizen, should be willing to do the right thing for Lake Oswego and not just consider his own financial gain.

Larry Black

Lake Oswego

‘Let’s keep Lake Oswego quaint’

Reading the articles in The Review this week (“Kessi sticks to his vision for Wizer Block,” July 3), I can’t help but feel you are prejudicial to the issue regarding the Wizer development. What type of a guy Mr. Kessi is has no bearing on the size of this development. Plus, he is not a Lake Oswego resident. He will not be affected by the overdevelopment of our village.

The majority of LO residents are against overdevelopment of this area, and in this story you give only the opposition’s views.

This development should be half the size, so that we do not lose the character of our downtown village. Our quaint village area and farmers market make Lake Oswego a favorite destination for tourists and people from surrounding areas.

Let’s keep Lake Oswego quaint.

As an LO resident, I do not want to lose the beautiful trees in that area, nor do I want the sun blocked from the restaurants and park that I now walk to weekly. A development this size should be a few blocks from the downtown area.

The renters can surely walk a couple of blocks rather than live here. Perhaps drop the size to 115 renters, and save our trees and the quaintness of our village.

Nancy Shebel

Lake Oswego

Committed residents

or passers-by?

Lake Oswego needs residential development to keep the downtown alive. The fear is that such residents will not be motivated to take care of our parks (including swim parks) and participate in creating community.

A solution could be to require that the developer sell the units as condominiums instead of apartments. Paying taxes and homeowner association fees can motivate people to not destroy property, as such actions may increase costs. Similarly, the chances of developing community are increased if a problem neighbor is someone to deal with, rather than to just tolerate until you move.

The developer may not make as much money with the substitution of condominiums for apartments in the project, but profit should not win out over providing a space for long-term residents committed to our city.

Ann Sherman

Lake Oswego

Renting vs. buying

Apartments are like a rental car. When was the last time you put a rent-a-car through a car wash?

These developers would have sold out luxury condos in a heartbeat. How stupid.

David Rogoway

Lake Oswego

A bothersome trend

The messaging coming from the opponents of the redesign of the Wizer Block shows that either they have not looked at the proposal, their geometry education is woefully lacking or they think Lake Oswegans are not smart enough to seek out the true facts.

Unless they apply the same description to Lake View Village, no one who has looked at the new drawings can objectively call it (as opponents do) the “Big Box Development.”

The new design, with its gables and distinct facades, reflects the village architecture evident at Lake View Village. Not one of the three separate buildings (all smaller than Lake View Village buildings) is a box. The re-design complements the buildings around it.

But as a former resident of Lake Oswego for 22 years, what really bothers me is not the scare tactics and the misconceptions which the opponents are showering upon us. What really bothers me is the opponents’ subjective judgment of who deserves to live in our downtown community. They refer to apartments and the tenants of those apartments in a derogatory way. They sit in judgment and push at us their view of who belongs here.

This community is savvy enough to get to the facts of this Wizer project, and I urge you to do so. And while we are doing that, let’s not indulge in snobbery and expensive isolation.

Ken G. Ambrosini


The place to be on July 4!

I would like to publicly send my many thanks to the City of Lake Oswego and the Lake Oswego Police Department for their efforts in continuing the great “hometown” 4th of July traditions.

Thanks to closing down both sides of A Avenue this year, the parade was particularly enjoyable, had much more of an event feel and allowed more children and families to be a part of it.

The city was definitely a picture of what an Independence Day celebration should be.

Looking forward to next year.

Mark Dunham

Lake Oswego

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