In The Review's mailbox this week: Wrong style; Still contributing; Elect Healy; Successful transition; More than marches; Promote Jorgensen; Dig safely Add a comment

Inaction and silence are equal acts of violence.I walked out that night and immediately started a longer version of this piece, which was published on the Beacon website the next morning, and shared via email and social media. Add a comment

If your house was built before 1974, when our building codes first took earthquakes into account, your house is probably not bolted to its foundation. Add a comment

In The Review's mailbox this week: Allow short-term rentals in LO; Common-sense approach; Positive experience; Stay philanthropic; Walk in the park; Support Savas; Power of love; Moving county forward; Wrong style; Dig safely Add a comment

If we embrace the people's bottom-up initiatives - Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Enough! - then we've acknowledged we are a global village, a community in which all life matters. Add a comment

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