Lakeridge has 22 players recognized, including first-teamers Jalen John and Johnny Rodas-Hills

REVIEW PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Lakeridge sophomore running back Jalen John was one of two Pacers named to the all-Three Rivers League first team this season.For the Three Rivers League's best football players, it's time to reap the rewards of their hard work.

The Three Rivers League announced its 2017 all-star teams in early November, and both Lake Oswego and Lakeridge were honored in great number.

For the TRL co-champion Lakers, 10 players were named to the all-league first team, that group led by co-Defensive Player of the Year Bryson Breeze, a senior linebacker.

Other first-team selections for the Lakers, who went 6-1 in league play, include senior wide receiver Jordan Newlin, senior lineman Dawson Jaramillo on both offense and defense, senior quarterback Jake Dukart, sophomore running back Casey Filkins, senior defensive lineman Shawn Elliott, senior linebacker Sam Haney, junior linebacker Keenan DeRaeve and junior cornerback Matt Sebolsky.

In total, the Lakers had players honored at 28 separate positions on offense and defense.

For Lakeridge, which broke a three-year league losing streak this year and finished fifth in the TRL at 3-4, the Pacers had two players named to the Three Rivers first team, sophomore running back Jalen John and senior placekicker Johnny Rodas-Hills.

In total, the Pacers had players honored at 22 separate positions on offense and defense.

Tigard senior wide receiver Braden Lenzy and West Linn senior wide receiver Qawi Ntsasa shared the Offensive Player of the Year honor, Sherwood senior Jayden Cuthbertson was named Offensive Lineman of the Year, Lenzy (a defensive back) and Breeze shared the Defensive Player of the Year award, and Tigard senior Laytan Tanuvasa was named Defensive Lineman of the Year.


First Team

Wide Receivers: Jordan Newlin, sr., Lake Oswego; Braden Lenzy, sr., Tigard; Qawi Ntsasa, sr., West Linn; Jackson Willig, sr., Tualatin.

Tight End: Keishon Dawkins, sr., West Linn.

Tackles: Dawson Jaramillo, sr., Lake Oswego; Nic Garrison, sr., Sherwood; Isaiah Porter, jr., Tigard.

Guards: Jayden Cuthbertson, sr., Sherwood; Layton Tanuvasa, sr., Tigard; Burke Albaugh, sr., Tigard.

Centers: Sean Ryan, sr., Tigard; Dane Norland, sr., Tualatin.

Quarterbacks: Jake Dukart, sr., Lake Oswego; Ethan Long, jr., West Linn.

Running Backs: Casey Filkins, so., Lake Oswego; Dawson Jolley, jr., West Linn; Kainoa Sayre, so., Tualatin; Jalen John, so., Lakeridge.

Fullback: Ian Stormont, jr., Sherwood.

Placekicker: Johnny Rodas-Hills, sr., Lakeridge.

Punter: Dalton Sherrill, jr., Canby.

Kick Returner: James Marshall, Sr., West Linn

Offensive Players of the Year: Braden Lenzy, Tigard; Qawi Ntsasa, West Linn

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Jayden Cuthbertson, Sherwood

Second Team

Wide Receivers: Will Scadden, jr., Lakeridge; Byron Morris, sr., Newberg; Nick Savage, jr., Tualatin.

Tight End: Sterling Goldstein, sr., Sherwood.

Tackles: Shawn Elliott, sr., Lake Oswego; Jeron White, sr., Tigard.

Guards: Ryan Mitton, sr., Tualatin; Vince Seth, sr., West Linn.

Kick Returner: Jake Anderson, Jr., Tualatin

Center: Kellen Olsen, sr., West Linn.

Quarterback: Kyle Dernnede, jr., Tualatin.

Running Backs: Zach Jenkins, sr., Sherwood; Malcolm Stockdale, jr., Tigard; Spencer Smith, sr., Tigard.

Fullback: Carter Dennis, jr., Tigard.

Placekicker: Kyle Dernnede, jr., Tualatin.

Punter: Nick Heinke, sr., Tigard.

Kick Returner: Jake Anderson, jr., Tualatin.

Honorable Mention

Wide Receivers: Kameron Harvey, sr., Lake Oswego; Andre Martinez, jr., Lakeridge; Jaret Scott, sr., Sherwood; Max Lenzy, so., Tigard; Matt Petersen, so., Lakeridge; Mikey Jeanson, sr., Lake Oswego; Joe Hutson, so., Lake Oswego; Micheal Klapp, jr., Sherwood; Jett Searle, jr., Tualatin.

Tight Ends: Noah Jackman, jr., Tigard; Zane Sands, sr., Sherwood.

Tackles: Chris Comings, sr., West Linn; Jarius Jackson, sr., Tualatin; TJ Jakmauh, so., Lakeridge; Tiger Shanks, so., Lakeridge; Matt Seitz, sr., Sherwood.

Guards: Thomas Mitchell , jr., Canby; Gerald Saina, sr., Tualatin; Seth Bagley, sr., West Linn; Ryan Bertelsen, jr., Lake Oswego; Alex Ledoux, jr., Lake Oswego; Jackson Barton, jr., Sherwood; Mitchell Leach, sr., Sherwood.

Centers: Spencer Shadbolt, sr., Sherwood; Kai Tinker, so., Lakeridge; Laz Glickman, sr., Lake Oswego; Duncan McDonald, sr., Tualatin.

Quarterbacks: Charlie Maynes, jr., Lakeridge; Garrett Myers, sr., Newberg; Wyatt Zettlemoyer, sr., Newberg.

Running Backs: Ahmir McGee, sr., West Linn; Nick Hoddevik, sr., Lakeridge; Nathan Marx, sr., Tualatin; Rustin Williams, sr., Sherwood; Alex Bassett, sr., Lake Oswego; Jake Leavitt, sr., Tigard; Jacob Reuter, jr., Sherwood; Kian Coleman-Lopez, sr., Sherwood; Lucas Noland, sr., Tualatin.

Fullbacks: Tyler Good, sr., West Linn; Kyle Kamp, jr., Tualatin; Ben Baxter, jr., Sherwood.

Placekicker: Hunter Scott, sr., West Linn; Jackson Clever, so., Tigard; Jake Bazant, sr., Lake Oswego; Kaedin Steindorf, so., Sherwood.

Punter: Ethan Long, jr., West Linn; Wyatt Zettlemoyer, sr., Sherwood; Kyle Dernnede, jr., Tualatin; Jake Dukart, sr., Lake Oswego; Joe Marini, sr., Lakeridge.

Kick Returner: Spencer Smith, sr., Tigard; Andre Martinez, jr., Lakeridge

REVIEW PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Lake Oswego senior defensive lineman Shawn Elliott (left) was one of 10 Lakers named to the all-Three Rivers League first team for the 2017 season.


First Team

Linemen: Laytan Tanuvasa, sr., Tigard; Justin Babcock, sr., West Linn; Shawn Elliott, sr., Lake Oswego; Ryan Mitton, sr., Tualatin; Dawson Jaramillo, sr., Lake Oswego; Vince Seth, sr., West Linn; Nic Garrison, sr., Sherwood.

Inside Linebackers: Luke Hamper, sr., West Linn; Bryson Breeze, jr., Lake Oswego; Sam Haney, sr., Lake Oswego; Mitchell Cross, jr., Tigard; John Miller, so., Tualatin.

Outside Linebackers: Kyle Bay, sr., Tigard; Keenan DeReave, jr., Lake Oswego; Taran Floyd, sr., West Linn.

Cornerbacks: Braden Lenzy, sr., Tigard; Matthew Sebolsky, jr., Lake Oswego; Qawi Ntsasa, sr., West Linn.

Safeties: Lucas Noland, sr., Tualatin; Zack Huffstutter, sr., West Linn; Zach Jenkins, sr., Sherwood.

Defensive Players of the Year: Braden Lenzy, Tigard; Bryson Breeze, Lake Oswego.

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Laytan Tanuvasa, Tigard

Second Team

Linemen: Sterling Goldstein, sr., Sherwood; Isaiah Porter, jr., Tigard; Noah Jackman, jr., Tigard; Gerald Saina, sr., Tualatin; Joe Marini, sr., Lakeridge.

Inside Linebackers: Jacob Huggins, sr., Canby.

Outside Linebackers: Rustin Williams, sr., Sherwood; Ivan Garibay, sr., Tualatin; Alex Bassett, sr., Lake Oswego.

Cornerbacks: Chris Freese, sr., Tualatin; Cody Fretwell, sr., West Linn; Byron Morris, sr., Newberg; Max Lenzy, so., Tigard.

Safeties: Spencer Smith, sr., Tigard; Colby Jackson, sr., Tualatin; Thomas Dukart, so., Lake Oswego.

Honorable Mention

Linemen: Carter Atkins, jr., Sherwood; T.J. Jakmauh, so., Lakeridge; Tiger Shanks, so., Lakeridge; Seth Bagley, sr., West Linn; Chris Comings, sr., West Linn; Miles Lewis, jr., Lake Oswego; Mike Mercep, jr., Lake Oswego; Marshall McGuire, so., Lake Oswego; Jackson Barton, jr., Sherwood; Griffen Stevens, sr., Sherwood, Jakob McCreery, sr., Sherwood; Korey Ruebesan, sr., Canby; Sam Shuey, jr., Canby; Adam Stubbs, sr., Tualatin.

Inside Linebackers: Carson Christensen, sr., Sherwood; Tyler Good, sr., West Linn; Carter Dennis, jr., Tigard; Nick Severson, so., Sherwood; Jacob Beck, sr., Tigard; Garrett Boesflug, jr., Tualatin; Hunter Paulson, sr., Lakeridge; Taylen Reid, sr., Newberg; Jackson McGinley, jr., Lakeridge; Gabe Deville, jr., Lake Oswego; Logan Carr, so., Sherwood; Nick Ramos, sr., Canby.

Outside Linebackers: Elijah Ntsasa, jr., West Linn; Finn Reeves, jr., Lakeridge; Ben Baxter, jr., Sherwood.

Cornerbacks: Jared Bartunek, jr., Lakeridge; Micah O'Donnell, sr., Tigard; Ethan Elmore, sr., Sherwood; Andre Martinez, jr., Lakeridge; Tukumi Kammerzill, sr., Sherwood; Jake Anderson, jr., Tualatin; Collin Bracken, jr., Lake Oswego, Joe Hutson, so., Lake Oswego.

Safeties: Jack Evans, sr., Newberg; Nick Heinke, sr., Tigard; Connor Hilts, sr., Lakeridge; Colin Anderson, jr., Sherwood; Alex Johnson, sr., Lakeridge; Tristan Ramirez, jr., Canby.

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