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We bought our pure-bred seal point Siamese male kitten at a breeder. We named him Felix, which means happy. He was also named for the composer, Felix Mendelssohn. He was as loving and lovable as he was handsome.

One day we heard a cat crying from the bushes at a church. It was a small female seal point Siamese. Who could resist her pitiful crying? We took her home and advertised to find the owner with no response. We took her to the veterinarian for shots and she became our pet. She had seductive eyes and a beguiling low voice, so we named her Cleo, for Cleopatra.

We wanted a family of kittens. Alas, a neighbor cat came calling before Felix, a gentleman, got the idea. We had a litter of various colored kittens. When they were old enough we gave them to good homes. When the time was right, Felix and Cleo became the proud parents of a litter of darling kittens. These playful beauties were the stars of much home movie films. When old enough, we sold the kittens and the parents had neutering operations.

When we moved from one house to another in Houston, Felix disappeared. We never knew where he went for a week. One day he came padding through the grass and he was back home. These beloved pets were important members of our family for some years.

Cat Tales II

My home in the Sunnyside area of Portland had a lengthy backyard with a hill at the far end. One day a beautiful yellow cat sat on the hill. His stance was upright and tall like an Egyptian cat god. It was as if he was trying to get my attention, and seemed to be pleading with me for help.

So I got a bowl of water and placed it on the cement outside the patio door. I hid behind the wall inside the house and watched to see if he came to drink. He did, so I bought some dry cat food and put some out for him. One day he came up the stairs to my deck. If he had a collar I intended to contact his owner.

Unfortunately, as soon as I opened the door to the deck, he jumped down between the railing slats. It was two stories high and the path below went downhill. Gasping, I looked down to see him meeting the ground running. That was the last I saw of this beautiful animal. I hope that he always will find sympathetic people to provide assistance when needed.


At my home in Lake Oswego I have a deck outside of the second floor sunroom with no stairs going down. One day a squirrel was on the deck. It must have come from the tree to the house roof and then to the deck. How was it to get back up to the roof?

My idea was that the squirrel could climb up a ladder to the roof and then back to the tree. However, when I opened the door to take the ladder out to the deck, the squirrel jumped down beneath the glass railing to the ground. I now believe that squirrels, like feral cats are able to fly.

Cat Tales III

In Houston when I didn’t have any pets, there were strange noises in the attic. The 2,500 square foot, one-story house had a large attic. Some creature was undoubtedly up there. Going up the pull-down staircase, I looked around and could see nothing. I borrowed a trap, baited it and placed it on the floored area of the attic.

A few days later I heard a rattling noise. When pulling down the staircase, suddenly a very frightened cat jumped down. Closing the necessary doors, I confined the good-sized cat in the bathroom. I gave it some water and bought some cat food for it. It had no collar, so I endeavored to take it to a pet shelter.

The caretakers at the shelter said that there was a two month waiting list for accepting new animals. So, I had no choice but to take it back home. I released it into the back yard, being hopeful that it would find its way to its owners’ home. Soon thereafter I had a handyman close up that opening under the roof and the attic received no more uninvited guests after that. May this be a lesson to every curious cat that could squeeze through a tiny opening but could not get out.

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