Cutting edge technology significantly improves screening and detection

Legacy Health is offering 3-D mammography, or tomosynthesis, at Legacy Breast Health Center- Meridian Park, making it the first and only provider in the south metro area to offer this technology to every patient, every time.

As the newest technology for breast cancer screening and detection, 3-D mammography provides high-definition, more comprehensive images of the breast than conventional 2-D mammography. Specifically, 3-D creates multiple images of the breast, in layers, allow Legacy radiologist to examine each high-definition images individually and reconstruct the images into full 3-dimensional view of the breast. The quality of the images allows Legacy radiologists to detect cancer earlier by more accurately pinpointing the size, shape and location of potential problem areas; more clearly differentiating between benign abnormalities and real tumors, all while reducing the number of callbacks and alleviating anxiety of patients.

“Early detection saves lives — 98 percent of women survive breast cancer when it is found in the earliest stages,” said Nathalie Johnson, M.D., FACS, medical director of Legacy Cancer Institute and Legacy Breast Health Centers. “Offering 3-D mammograms to every patient, every time at Legacy Breast Health Center-Meridian Park is a significant upgrade to our already top-notch facility. Legacy is committed to the fight against breast cancer and providing the latest in imaging quality and by offering convenient access to this life saving technology will allow us to significantly build on this critical mission.”

The 3-D mammography devices were purchase with significant investments from the Meridian Park Medical Foundation.

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