My goal for these columns on Positive Aging is to share information with those who recognize and can benefit from the challenges that accompany getting older. The goal of this newspaper is broader.  It provides information about events and activities that are timely and relevant to its readers and advertisers. Usually our goals coincide — sometimes they don’t.

A few weeks ago I struggled with how these goals might mesh. Then, most of the news stories were about students, teachers and bus routes.  Advertising told us about needed school supplies and various classes. That was when the current news of the week was the beginning of the school year.  That’s also when I learned that many new local residents moved here with very little background about the city.  They just wanted to be near their families.

Now there is more news that fits with my interest in knowing more about the Lake Oswego community.  There’s lots of history to share. There’s also new news to acquaint us with where we live in a recent copy of this newspaper.  Now, I’d like to add to that history how I happen to live here.

My husband and I plus our first son moved from Chicago to Oregon in the 1970s, drawn by my husband’s positive experience with graduate school at U of O.  As our cross country car trip neared the goal, Don called one of his grad school buddies who suggested that we stay in his house since he and family would be out of town on vacation. (It’s still hardly believable that the house was on Oswego’s lakeshore.)

Adding to this “meant-to- be” experience and my renewed interest in local history is rediscovery in a file drawer a 1965 League of Women Voters booklet on Lake Oswego’s history and government. That information together with other historic information prompts a Conversation with Ardis at 2 p.m. Oct. 22 here at Mary’s Woods. I hope you will bundle your historic information, new ideas and questions together to attend the gathering. It is open to the public and all of us can learn more about the city in which we live. 

I’ve already learned that Boones Ferry Road led to a ferry across the river, called Boones Ferry or Boone’s Ferry. The ferry was built by the family of Alphonso Boone, grandson of Daniel Boone. One of his ancestors lives in this city with us.

Stories for Positive Aging is a semi-monthly column on senior issues written by Lake Oswego resident Ardis Stevenson, author of “Facing Age, Finding Answers” and “Dusty’s War.” She can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by regular mail at 17440 Holy Names Drive, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

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