The Harvest Moon Dance on Oct. 26 at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center was a spectacular event. The entertainment generated would compete with TV’s “Dancing with the Stars”!

It was a repeat of the dance party that took place just one year ago. However, this time the very proficient planning staff made sure it would be better than ever for everyone. Ages ranged from volunteer teenagers to baby boomers and centenarians.

Likewise apparel varied from jeans to tuxedos, military uniforms, knee-length accordion pleated skirts and footwear from dancing slippers, six-inch heels, motorcycle boots or bare feet.

It was a 6 to 8 p.m. event at the center. At 6 p.m. sharp, the music came alive. The Millennium Dance Band, an offshoot of the Millennium Concert Band, consisting of 20 members, played because they enjoy performing and interacting with other musicians.

If you came as a single, you still had a chance to dance as partners exchanged frequently. The dancers especially responded with great enthusiasm to the music of the swing era. Their total enjoyment was spectacularly demonstrated as they showed the many spectators their own interpretative renditions of the swing. Nostalgic melodies included “April Showers,” “String of Pearls,””Tuxedo Junction” and “Sing, Sing, Sing.” There was much excessive energy exerted by the dancers as they kept up with all the wonderful music.

My own prolific dancing days were before the swing era. Not wanting to miss out this time on all the fun, my son agreed to give me a swing lesson one week before the big event. So I gave it a try. Out there on the dance floor I almost felt like an original swinger.

I didn’t recognize any, but I hope there were some professionals there who weren’t afraid of losing their reputation. It would have been a good opportunity for anyone to work off accrued frustrations. When we arrived at 6 p.m. and showed proof of purchase, we were each given a ticket good for one small glass of wine. At a serving table we could purchase more or were offered a delicious punch. Young girls with trays of delicate sandwiches and cookies walked around offering these treats. There was plenty of seating available with chairs set around the circular tables placed closed to the walls. Every detail thought of was carried out.

The Harvest Moon Dance was almost over, when at 7:45 p.m. there were just two very talented couples with enough vitality to go gracefully gliding around the floor. With great admiration, mixed with nostalgic longing, we watched these beautiful performances.

The table centerpieces of bright gold-painted pumpkins holding flowers went to the person who discovered a small black dot at the back of his or her chair. CDs were available for continued enjoyment of the music at home.

A great thank you goes to the organizers who planned this event. It was an uplifting experience for spectators and dancers alike. Perhaps a repeat of this wonderful occasion will come soon, so you can attend.

Come as you are!

Helen Oredson Mahle is a member of the Jottings group of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

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