West Linn Adult Community Center is offering a variety of classes for seniors on interesting topics such as qigong. Learn more about the programs offered.

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - This artifact from Mieke Wiegmans home bears Chinese letters which stand for Life. A new class called XiXiHu Walking Qigong begins June 19 at the WLACC.

Qigong, (pronounced chi-gong), is the ancient Chinese practice of holistic healing which is gaining wide popularity around the world.

Like tai chi and acupuncture, qigong has now become very much a part of our lives in the Western world. We are lucky to have some great qigong classes currently being taught by Lyndalea Ruffner, a master qigong teacher certified by the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.

I'm intrigued by a new class starting June 19 called XiXiHu Walking Qigong. After doing some internet research, I found out that 'XiXi' stands for breathing in and "Hu" for breathing out. According to a few YouTube sources, this breathing method may help you fight cancer and prevent other illnesses. Isn't that something we would all like to hear? There are three breathing patterns in this qigong form. XiXiHu — inhale twice and exhale once, XiXiXiXiHuHuHu — inhale four times and exhale three times and XiXiXiXiHu — inhale four times and exhale one time.

There is an excellent video on the internet demonstrating exactly how it is done. Although the walking is best done outside, because being outside helps us relate more to Mother Nature. However, depending on the weather, if it's too wet, or too warm for some of us, the walking will be held indoors.

XiXiHu Walking Qigong has many additional benefits, and some say it can help with addiction and emotional issues. The breathing is important during this walking qigong form. The extra oxygen enriches our 'qi' in the body. 'Qi' means energy and 'gong' means to cultivate that healing energy. This energy is the vital force that creates and sustains all life. When we practice qigong, we nourish the structures and functions of all our bodily functions. Qigong has many benefits including balance, better circulation, blood flow and relaxation.

Looking at videos on the internet for XiXiHu Walking Qigong, I was struck by the gracefulness of the movements, which seemed similar to tai chi. The hand and feet movements are very deliberate and fluid. It did not seem very hard to do, yet it may be, because it involves a lot of balance. Learning how to balance our movements is very beneficial to all of us at this stage in our lives.

So please check out the new 'XiXiHu Walking Qigong Summer Series starting June 19. All qigong classes offered at the West Linn Adult Community Center include self-massage, immune boosting techniques, breathing and meditation. These techniques all contribute to reversing the effects of aging and have remedies to maybe even get rid of those extra wrinkles we are plagued with nowadays.

The lunch menu this week features beef fajitas on Friday, June 16; chicken parmesan on Monday, June 19; and sausage potato soup on Wednesday, June 21. Cost is $5 per person.

The WLACC is located at 1180 Rosemont Road. Learn more online at or call 503-557-4704.

Mieke Wiegman is the volunteer editor of the WLACC newsletter and a board member for the Friends of the ACC.

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