Ninety-six-year-old Maryjane Sharp grew up with the Molalla Buckeroo in her blood, and she spent most of her life keeping involved with it, one way or another.

Maryjane Sharp at age 52The first Molalla Buckeroo rodeo that Maryjane Sharp remembers took place 92 years ago. It was 1923.

"I was four years old," Maryjane said. "My dad was Cowboy of the Year, and he took me on the rodeo grounds to meet the cowboys. I thought I was going to get to ride a horse in the rodeo. I was a naughty little girl. Some cowboy saw me crying and asked me why. I wanted to ride a rodeo horse. So he gave me a ride. There's a picture of that somewhere."

Irvin Sharp, age 22Maryjane, the mother of Grant Sharp, was married to Irvin Sharp, who died a few years ago. She said her family has been involved with the Buckeroo since the beginning, when it was still called the Molalla Round-Up. Among many other Buckeroo mementoes she has saved is the program from the 1925 Molalla Round-Up.

"How many people, 92 years later, would still have that program?" she said. "My mother saved all of this, and when I married Irvin, my mother gave me all of this."

Maryjane has millions of memories, and enjoys sharing a few.

1925 Molalla Round-Up program covera page from the 1925 Molalla Round-Up programA page from the 1931 Molalla Buckeroo program

"I could have been Queen of the Buckeroo in 1940. But I went and married Irvin. We didn't have kids till later."

Over the years, if you look through old news stories, photos, city and Chamber of Commerce stuff, and of course, old Buckeroo programs, you will find Maryjane's name frequently mentioned. She's pretty proud of the fact that she's helped run the Buckeroo - and the town of Molalla - over the years.

"They used to call me 'Duchess,'" she said with a grin.

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