Colton Fire Chief Richard Beaudoin: 'He always goes above and beyond what we ask of him.'

PIONEER PHOTO: CINDY FAMA - Lt. Doug Dolney was recently named Colton Firefighter of the Quarter."Doug has proven himself time and time again, whether it be on calls or in the station," Colton Fire Chief Richard Beaudoin said in an email. "He always goes above and beyond what we ask of him. You can't beat his motivation. He voluntarily devotes his free time to the department on the weekends to train either the new recruits if they want extra training or anyone for that matter. He says it is because it is what is best for the district whenever I ask him about his dedication."

Dolney says he has been a volunteer firefighter for nine years and takes extra time to help other volunteers work on firefighter skills like vehicle extraction, fighting fires in structures and cars, wildland fires and technical rescue.

Dolney lives in Colton and drives delivery truck for Withers Lumber in Molalla. He said the people at Withers are so understanding that a fire rig has pulled into work to pick him up to go fight a local fire, He really appreciates that his employer encourages him to serve the community.

When asked if any specific emergency call stand out to him he said, "Every patient we get to the hospital alive is a good call."

Dolney said he especially likes the morale of the volunteers at the Colton Rural Fire Protection District. He said the camaraderie is good and they all get along and do off-site things like all go for dinner at Bailey's before weekly training.

Dolney wants to stress that there is someone on duty at the local fire station 24/7.

"They might be studying or doing daily checks and maintenance," he said. "Or working on a project like the yellow stripes the volunteers just painted inside the bays to help guide the fire trucks and to keep the station looking professional."

A number of his fellow firefighters including Jessica Phillips and Captain Ted Farr described Dolney the same way, "He is the heart and soul of the department."

When he isn't at the fire department, Dolney likes to fish and camp and once a year he and a group of friends go to the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama to watch NASCAR races.

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